That Something

A wee bit of a song going on here. It’s the driving home late from work effect, humming away at nothing till words come along to join in.

You gave me angels, I gave you devils

You gave me magic, I gave you spells

You gave me something I have no name for

And the truth is you do it very well.


You gave me fortune, I gave you bad luck

You gave me future, I gave you past

You gave me something I could not fathom

And the truth is it could not last


You gave me freedom, I gave you sentence

You gave me wildly, I gave you tame

You gave me something to remember

And the truth is I can’t forget your name


You gave me insights, I gave you hidden

You gave me friendship, I gave you fears

You gave me something that makes me wonder

And the truth is I’m sorry for those years


You gave excuses, I gave you guilt trips

You gave forgiveness all the same

You gave me something I’ll always treasure

And the truth is I’d do it all again


You gave me pleasure, you gave me purpose

You gave me reason, you gave me zest

You gave me something that was so special

And the truth is you gave to me your best


You gave me feelings I’d only dreamed of

You gave me open, I gave you lies

You gave me something I’ll always live for

And the truth is I’ll love you till I die


You gave me something that now I long for

And the truth is I’ll need that something till I die

Positively P****d Off

Be positive, they said

For life demands it

The polar opposite

Will crush your soul

Diminish hope

And drain your life of meaning

Well, who was I to disbelieve that goal


So positive, I said

Shall be my watchword

I’ll guard against the negative, resist

Persist in seeing what is good in others

Then look again

In case I somehow missed


The hearts that don’t know love

For life is woeful

The lonely who are begging for a friend

The shy ones and the brash

The dour and doleful

Positive would be my aim and end


But now, I’m positive

The world is full of arseholes

I’m positive they’re breeding as we speak

Passing on genetic disposition

To talk from anal crevices

That seek


To undermine the hope

And good that’s out there

To fight for fighting’s sake for that’s their thing

To ridicule what’s different

Like they’re perfect

I’m positive they’re called the alt-right wing


They’re negative with minus in their favour

I’m positive they’ve lost the plot

What’s more

I’m positive that, unless we kick their arses

They’ll be running round

And knocking on our doors



That we all believe in one thing

That liberty and freedom are passé

Spreading hate

And whipping up a frenzy

I’m positive I don’t want to live that way


Be positive, they said

For life demands it

Potential opens up and life has cause

I listened then

I still believe it

And I’m positive they need a good kick in the baws