Routes To Nowhere

Never got his kicks

On Route 66

By the time he found the will the way was gone

Met his highs with different load

Than freedom trail on Mother Road

Find your kicks, son, where you must belong


Never climbed the highest towers

Never ate on different shores

Routes to nowhere lead to nowhere fast

Charts and plans have had their day

The borders closed till come when may

Get your kicks, kids, some of them won’t last


Never took her hoped-for trips

Slip between the cup and lips

By the time she found the way the walls were done

Met her match in alleyways

Same old route on different days

Find your kicks, doll, where you don’t belong


Never sailed the oceans wide

Never saw beyond inside

Sixty-six and seven seas bone dry

Dust and ashes far and near

Scattered lives shed lost chance tears

Get your kicks, kids, most of them will die


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  1. Hi Anne Marie, a request to you of being tagged to do a MY VERY FIRST POST – #MYFIRSTPOSTREVISITED if you are interested. No obligation whatsoever. I’ve done it only because it WAS interesting to go back…way back to where it all began. Just visit my blog for details. Thank you! 😀

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