Pods Of Suitable Enough

modular pods of suitable enough

set squared for construction

of little use till placed just so

by clear, concise instruction

template blocks of plasticised

components for production

may not move, cannot exist

except for reproduction

all amputees, a limbless lot

deferring to abduction

stolen slates in want of roof

and means of reconstruction

calibrated and equipped

in routine, rote induction

control mode assembly-lined

obeisance by eduction

modular pods of suitable enough

preprogrammed for destruction

6 thoughts on “Pods Of Suitable Enough”

  1. Long gone are the days, I fear, of being able to focus on developing a ‘well-rounded’ individual. More worrying still is, reading between the lines of our most recent governmental ‘guidelines’ (do this or else), it would appear that, certainly down here, they have achieved what they always had set out to achieve: make the ‘best’ excel, the rest do ‘well’ and bugger those who struggle. It was on the cards. But what of the future?

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    1. Well seen I’m on holiday, Chris. I hadn’t even thought of the kids. I was thinking of we adults who fulfil whatever role is required. Your observation makes an excellent point though. Well-rounded children would, hopefully, make for well-rounded adults.
      What are they doing now to your schooling, Chris? ‘Guidelines’ always have such an ominous ring to them.

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      1. Indeed, and what makes things worse is management who seem afraid to stand up for what is right and run scared of ‘failing’ inspection. Enough though, like yourself it’s holiday time, so let’s enjoy!


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