‘We’re taking back control,’ we said
And we meant it
We really meant it!
‘We’ll invoke Article50’
And we meant it
We really meant it!
So we sent it
We really sent it!
‘We’ll have our cake and eat it’
And we meant it
We really meant it!
Tho’ we huvnae got a bawbee
‘Cos we’ve spent it
Some eejit lent it!
We really spent it!!
‘Cos we’re dementit!!!
Brexit ya bass!
Or something like that. Hard to tell.
You decide. ∨∨∨∨∨


brex1 Not the smartest tactician, is she?

brex5 Didn’t realise that Better Together’s and pooling and sharing meant sharing beds in hospital…?

brex You see, we don’t want to be part of this idiotic nonsense called the EU, but we do want them to headquarter their agencies here. Obviously, duh!

Brexid And once upon a time, they told us that Spain would be an obstacle to independence.

brexi2 I guess that that is not too unreasonable.

Bells Very British Scot… Britch… Whatever! We’ll never buy it again. Incidentally, why do Brits find it necessary to put massive UK flags on just about everything in the supermarket from eggs to geraniums?

br2 Like we’ve said, she’s not the best negotiator, is she? Erm, anyone know what she IS good at? Maybe we should leave it to David Da… No, sorry. Momentary aberration. What was I thinking? Let’s leave it to Mickey the Mouse, shall we?

brexitmud Bless Fluffy. He’s…

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