Are We Fools?

Pride postures

Doesn’t think

Reveals its feelings

Lives its hubris daily

That’s its way

Decisions drafted blindly

Blinkered bullshit

Evidence of arrogance at play

Language of superior perception

Then wonders why and scoffs

When natives rise

Out of union

With no hint of sadness

Governance unjust

Of those unwise

No self-reflection

But for backward glory

For days of yore

When empire ruled the waves

Citing some equivalence

As righteous

Behold the truth of union

England save

Let us be Britannia

That story

Etched in minds

So privileged, promote

Ideaology, will not see buried

Ignominy, in parliament, by rote

The only flag that matters

Is the George cross

Andrew, Patrick, David

Servile names

Problems to be solved

And always have been

Extinguish nationhood

For other’s name

Woe to you, usurpers

Of the celtic

For fallen follows pride

As sure as fate

Come the day, the hour

Relive your words here

Masters manifest

The words of hate

Dismissing while upholding

Such is legend

In lands where one suppresses, ridicules

We are not slaves

Nor your possessions

Canny, aye

But are we fools?

Came across this video today on Twitter. Makes you proud to be an equal partner in this great union, where respect and progressive politics are at play. Imagine actually saying this! Funny, eh? No sense of humour, we Jocks. Inferiority complex, they say. Wonder why. Off now to the psychiatrist’s couch to discuss Stockholm Syndrome in hopes of convincing others we don’t need this shit. Who does? Tell me. Any independent country out there who would like to rejoin the fold and be patronised again? Any? Didn’t think so.


13 thoughts on “Are We Fools?”

    1. We’re all being taken for fools, Mike, right across these isles. World, probably. Knowing it makes it worse, I fear. They’re living in a false reality and promoting it to breed discontent as if it’s the answer to the future. I can’t think why people still vote for them. And why we’re still stuck with them, despite not voting for them. Stealing our identities about sums it up. Fodder’s all we are, to their minds.

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      1. Probably impossible, yet a coalition of like minded gentle souls could, might throw a spanner in the works. Brave hearted good folk must stand up for the good of all – inc. a Scottish in dependant nation. My mantra remains that ‘no racist voted for Remain’, they all went the Brexit way. Why on earth follow the ways of Brexiteers?


      2. ‘No racist voted for Remain’. I like that. I’ve been appalled at some of the language being used. Used to think that was the domain of UKIP et al. Still shocks me to think that so many lean that way. ‘Good hearted, brave souls must stand up for the good of all.’ I hope, pray – believe?- there are enough. Polls aren’t looking good. But who believes in polls, eh? :/


      3. The SNP take all of Scotland; LibDems take chunks of London, Bristol etc. where Remain is still strong; Northern Island gets over its quandary, Labour hang in there…maybe, unlikely but just maybe an alliance for the good of everyone’s aspirations. It still irks me that the UK government (pox ridden May) can takeaway my European identity. Logically, only the EU itself should be able to do that?

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  1. I am always grateful that one hundred years ago a small uprising broke 26 counties of Ireland free. That video brought out the worst in me. Such arrogance? The problem with it is that it would be funny if it were a joke, but I have little doubt but that she meant every word.
    I’m amazed watching from Ireland how Brexit has brought out all that is worst in many English people. The racism, the us vs the world, the anti scottish bias, the delusion that they are a part of a ‘Great’ Britain as opposed to ‘Britain’.
    Swings and roundabouts, I think they will self destruct as we live in a very different world today to the world of the Empire and unfortunately they do not appear to have moved with it or understand how it works and despite many speeches referring to negotiating with ‘good friends’ I don’t think they have as many as they think they have.

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    1. It’s bullyboy tactics writ large, Tric. Even to their own countrymen: decimating parts of the country, investing in others while doing everything to convince people that it’s the fault of laziness/global economy/Scots/Barnett Formula/the aged/the disabled/you name it, they’ll blame it. It is, rather, an inherent belief in right of privilege and rule and policies to ensure the favoured thrive. They’re continuing Maggie’s legacy with a vengeance and what lies ahead can only be worse. Any party coming up with the rape clause and, basically, determining how many children you can have, isn’t fit to be a party let alone govern. But we’re somehow supposed to mitigate their policies while in receipt of pocket money. I honestly don’t understand the mentality that lets their next door neighbour rule their home.
      You’re well out of it, Tric. Wish us luck.x

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      1. I strongly believe ‘this too will pass’ but it’s going to be a bumpy ride. You scots are a strong proud nation that should never be underestimated


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