Stirs The Dragon

Stirs the dormant dragon

Follows kelpies

Slept too long

Been drugged

Begins to rise

Finds flightpath again

Its roar

Its fire

Beware when dragons

From deep sleep reprise

Legends lived again

They were but drowsy

Buried in the myths

Of media

Attendant princess


Hear the hillsides

Choirs of dragons

Voice your aria

What about Wales? Stirring the Dormant Dragon

8 thoughts on “Stirs The Dragon”

  1. Sadly they don’t seem…rugby aside…to have the passion or focus of you Scots. I wish I knew why, for they have so much to lose…more than you do even…being Brexit fans as they are. It would be a good thing if they got their act together.

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    1. Mike, I’m so sorry I missed this comment. Only found it when I came back into this poem because of a recent comment. I’m a terrible blogger these days.
      I do hope the Welsh people stand up for themselves. I think we’d all be better off running own affairs. Next-door neighbours should be friends not manage your household! 🙂

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      1. A union of small nations, England included, is better than a small island run by England…hence all nations small and large should be part of one inclusive union…the EU. By the way, my missus got interviewed by the BBC radio this very day having spotted Banksy’s graffiti in Dover…an EU flag (nice one Banksy)…she saw the man himself taking down the tarpaulin and made mention of the ‘silly Brexiteers’ in her chat. That all the far right local Brexit scum will hate her means nothing compared to the pride I have in her – it beats that by a country mile.

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      2. I saw that on Twitter just the other day! Good for her, Mike. I’m proud of her too and I don’t even know her. 🙂 The hostile brigade can do one. Banksy knows what’s what. And so does your good lady. Give her my kindest regards.

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  2. Thank you for writing this lovely poem in response to my article “What about Wales? Stirring the Dormant Dragon”! Would you mind if I repost it on our new blog – all about reinvigorating Welsh politics!

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