Broken Chains


Broke the chains that bound, it wasn’t easy

Tied up to myself and my desires

A simple twist of fate was all it took to

Quench the flames and put out burning fires

A hurricane, tornado then a blizzard

An avalanche that tumbled from nowhere

Nature took a hand, and for good measure

Threw in a meteor then solar flares

Burnt and bruised, I questioned what the game was

What I’d done to hurt or to insult

Her answer, lightning storm, inside a teacup

That purged my soul and vanquished worldly guilt

A shell of self, so battered from the pounding

Cleansed, I felt, from tiptoe to topmost

Surely, she was done when I was dusted

By a sandstorm that eroded every ghost

Chains were lying, scattered all around me

Picked the pieces up, those broken links

Smile was wry, confounded as in childhood

Didn’t know what I should do, what I should think

Gave them all away, I didn’t need them

What good were chains all broken, of no use

What good were chains at all, I started thinking

Even golden ones are no more than a noose

So, I broke the chains that bound, it wasn’t easy

Well, if I’m honest, I was really given ease

By a simple twist of fate, blown in abundance

What didn’t kill me gave me my release

Been singing most of today and this popped into my head when I got home from school. Think country for the tune and I’ll hum it from here. 🙂 Long weekend ahead so it might be that I feel free! Have a great one!