Remember, To Carry The Flame

We marched for you back then

You don’t remember

Crusaders for a kingdom

How we strived

Destitute, determined

Carried with us

Hope, appeal, intention

To survive


We stood for you back then

You don’t remember

Faced down the tanks

Deployed in George’s Square

Heard the Riot Act

Dismissed, resisted

Gathered for a living

Far more fair


We starved for you back then

You don’t remember

Force-fed prison time

For worthy aims

All but now forgotten

As the years pass

No recollections

Still done in your names


We died for you back then

You don’t remember

Someone from your family

Now deceased

Their legacy, the freedoms

Fought and died for

Bequeathed to you

So future would know peace


We lived for you back then

You don’t remember

Parents of a past

Lost in years’ layers

Gone, their cause forgotten

Present children

Remember now

And ask if you still care


We worked for you back then

You don’t remember

Unborn you were

But we had you in sight

Fighting for the future

Of all children

And conditions we could live by

Workers’ rights


We fought for you those years

You don’t remember

Distance lends enchantment

Or dismay

Forgotten, now, we are

We were foot soldiers

Who thought that we had

Surely won the day


We fought for you back then

You don’t remember

Battled for a birthright

Better ways

Took a stand

We fought for bread and butter

For a piece of

All created

By our hands


We fought for you back then

You don’t remember

In daily labour

Justice all we sought

Manned the streets, the trenches 

Raised our voices

We fought for you back then

As parents ought


We fought for you back then

You don’t remember

Torches dropped

As mem’ries fade away

Hopes were high among us


Would benefit in living

Brighter days


We fought for you back then

You must remember

Gains we made

Eroding by the week

Fight for us

As once we fought your corner

Supporting those

Who work for what you seek


We fought for you back then

Oh, please remember

The battle scars we wore

To pave the way

Conditions that we railed against


Vote anyone

But not for Maggie‘s May


12 thoughts on “Remember, To Carry The Flame”

  1. Excellently written, Anne-Marie, the links are really clever, as well as interesting. And you linked to my most loved War poem.
    Oh, well, just think three weeks from now we’ll almost certainly be in the same shit.
    May’s true colours are certainly coming out. Sadly most of the country appears to be colour blind; do we carry on singing the blues?

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    1. Thanks, Chris. That’s one of my favourite war poems too. We must have had the same syllabus at school. 🙂 Another favourite of mine, (used as a comparison in style in exams!) is Icarus Allsorts by Roger McGough. Don’t know if you’ve ever read it. Here’s a link. Effective in its own way I think.

      I’m still hopeful that most folk will realise what they’re letting themselves in for when polling day dawns, Chris. Otherwise, I’m thinking of retiring early and fleeing the country. Spent most of the long weekend getting my PDR online file up to date – review due before the end of term to continue registration.
      Four weeks from now I’ll be a free woman. And, with a bit of luck and effort, seeing shot of the Tories from WM. Singing no blues then. Lily the Pink all the way! 😉

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      1. You do have faith in the populace! I can see a last minute ‘Falklands’ job to sway public opinion sadly. Too cynical?
        Thanks for the link: a great poem with a more modern feel which is easily relatable.
        Ah, Lily the Pink. Happy, carefree days!
        Here’s hoping for Change.

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      2. I’m not sure why I do, Chris, other than that if I didn’t I’d be depressed beyond measure. Don’t like that place. I’m also torn between the evident goodness in people and, contrarily, the utter stupidity. Harsh, I know. I trust goodness to override stupidity, I guess. We’ll find out soon enough I suppose, whether we’re essentially eejits or simply good.
        Not holding my breath but believing nevertheless. :/

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