Love Triumphant


is the day

we have a say



Theresa May


a human box



still triumphs

in UK



the human way


lying robots out



6 thoughts on “Love Triumphant”

  1. Just heard a ‘funny’ thing on tv: SNP predicted to lose several seats ‘as expected’. Why ‘as expected’? Is this a Tory campaign (upheld by the press) along the lines of the Emperor’s New Clothes? I fell there’s been a lot of ‘xyz won’t win so you might as well not vote for them’ propaganda. Time will tell…


    1. I’ll just say there’s an ugly side to tactical voting here. Tories and Labour encouraging the ‘no surrender’ vote. Spot who Tories are heading into what’s looking like a ‘supply and demand’ arrangement and you’ll get what I mean. I’m glad Labour did so well in England. Scottish Labour have a sin to answer for, encouraging a Tory vote to preserve the union at all costs. The Orange Order is alive and well in Scotland. Our shame.

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      1. Anyone for a quick conspiracy theory? How did an exit poll of fewer than 0.1% of the voting population get the result almost exactly correct?
        Doing probability with the children at school has never worked that accurately!
        A humiliating defeat for the Tories following all their bravado, but resignation – or even conciliation?- fat chance.

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      2. I accept conspiracy theories as the norm now, Chris. What are they, after all, but folk colluding and keeping secrets. About sums up politics, banking and business. Nothing would surprise me. I mean, the DUP, ffs. That did surprise me, to be fair, though god knows why.
        After the election, Twitter was going a bit mental on what you said. Polls saying SNP losing seats. Turns out that the 10% polled were from 10 polling stations as opposed to constituencies. But they still got it right. Hmm. As you say, does probability work like that? We must be teaching it wrongly.

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      3. I imagine some very unhappy folks across the Irish Sea – a kick in the teeth for Nationalists: but you would know all about that.
        Perhaps Secondary schools need to teach students how to read through lies and mistruths, and we all need to work on rebuilding a sense of us all being in things together – try and unpick the Thatcherite ethos which seems to be embedded in our social and personal lies. We do a lot of work on Rights and awareness, but the focus tends to be global. Maybe now is the time to look a little closer to home. Suggestion for next Staff Meeting? I can see how that’ll go down! Oh, well, onwards and …


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