Almost Missed

Did you see them, as they passed

In hazy gestures

While they waved and saw solutions

That we sought

While we wished upon the dreams

That they remembered

And gave the lie to nightmares

That were nought

As we feared, the maybe, this day

Or another. The, Armageddon, could be, do or die

The, does this matter, really, in the long run

Are we living truth or mimicking its lies

Did you hear them sighing, gesturing the futile

Oblivious, we were, while they observed

Noting our stupidity and judged us

Discerning, we’d forgotten how to serve

So, they gave us chances, chances, for the long run

The time and time again, time to prove

That all that we’d dissembled, we’d remember

Inaction changed, by motives, they’d approve

We had the chance, we saw, they saw, agreement

Tentative and fragile, though it was,

We fought, we lost, we won, we started over

And found a reason, found a purpose, cause

It was a moment, lost and gone forever

Pivotal, we knew, but not so well

As usual, in ignorance, we perished

Save few, small few, who quietly, they yelled

Into a void, inhabited by visions

Who see and saw, advised but were dismissed

Who tried, as if in vain, recall, remember

One life, one love, one purpose, we have missed


12 thoughts on “Almost Missed”

  1. I don’t know about ‘Almost Missed’ Anne-Marie, but you were certainly ‘Missed’ from here 😀
    Glad to ‘hear’ you again, and the words that echo from this world 😀
    I almost sent an email, I was getting a bit worried. I know ‘life’ can get in the way and sidetrack us a ‘bit’, but I am glad to hear the Glasgow Governess’s truth has not ‘left the building’ 😀 ❤
    Big hugs my friend ((HUGS)) xo

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    1. I’ve been a busy wummin, Mark and blogging had to take a back seat, I’m afraid. Family and work, but it should slow down a bit after January. Just managed to squeeze this one in . 🙂
      Thank you for your words and thoughts, Mark.x

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  2. Wonderful to read you once again, Anne-Marie, with what is, for me, a powerful, yet quite sad, comment on how we have lost sense of what is important and how the politics of the few continue to grind us down. I may be wrong! Fantastic writing.

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    1. Thank, Chris. I’m only half sure myself what it’s about! Mental image and a couple of haufs last night. 😉
      Hope you and yours are doing well. Just got rid of HMI the other day from school. Not fun.

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      1. My best to you too. You have my sympathy regarding your Inspection – always seems odd that peole who only get paid to find fault should be the ones to inspect others: say everythings fine and risk doing yourself out of work! I always try to cling on to the thought that if they were any good at actually doing the job then they’d still be doing it rather than imparting if their ‘wisdom’. Rant over. Enjoy Xmas.


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