Sands Of Time

Grains came and chased and chafed and gathered hinter

Reforming, as the desert lands, they grew

Shaping each new landscape, spring to winter

Changing ways we’d known, creating new

Grading and abrading roughened ridges

Coarse to smooth, they worked, to redefine

Refined the contours, excoriated edges

Rasped and grated, painfully, at times

Teeth gritted, so determined, how we travel

Blinded by the storms that befall here

Through sands of time, eroding, it unravels

In storms, that always settle, thus we steer

11 thoughts on “Sands Of Time”

  1. But what a trip momus…it’s like washing your floor, one day with a water jet, the next with a toothbrush 😀
    Your life has its sandy bits, whether washed or blown through our valleys…but as you said, eventually it is smoothed down to a fine grained beach 😀
    Break out the umbrella’s then, let’s enjoy the sunshine while it lasts 😀
    Great poem young lady, glad to hear the heart of Glasgow again 😀

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    1. Now a sandy beach and a parasol would be great right about now! Getting some sunshine in your parts, eh? Freezing here. Not my cuppa at all, at all. Gotta smile though. 🙂 Many thanks for the kind words, Mark.

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