Remembering Synthesis


You may find yourself believing

That all life begins from here

A cradle of commencement

Day’s new birth

Till you pause and, on reflection

Consider yesterdays

Weighing up those gone

Their value, worth


You may find yourself remembering

A tenement, a close

The black and white of film

And simpler days

A mangle turned by mother

A Humber Hawk dad drove

A skipping rope

And all street games you played


You may find yourself regretting

Words and actions you still own

Though they’re gone, they form

The discs of growing spine

Were they karmic then and now

Must you measure luck by them

Or dismiss them and develop

Like fine wine


You may find yourself a-chuckling

At some antics from the past

The giggling with sisters

About boys

The changing of your body

As you put aside old clothes

And give away to younger

Favoured toys


You may find yourself reflecting

On the choices, chances gone

The ones you took

The ones you let go by

And wonder at how different

Your life would maybe be

If you’d been brave

Instead of stunned and shy


You may find yourself in stone-age caves

Tracing fingered walls

As you think about connections

To the past

Witness to a wondrous bang

That started all your days

And wonder, on this stage

How you’ve been cast


You may find yourself manoeuvring

Chess pieces on your board

Permutations pending

While you mull

Losing self in options

To evade and hope you win

Then elusive thoughts result 

In army stalled


You may find yourself forgetting

Why you took the road you’re on

Why you came into a room

That actor’s name

What you had for your lunch yesterday

Where you put your keys

The title of that book

A song’s refrain


You may remember earlier

Second line of this long piece

‘That all life begins from here’

And so it does

If we can still remember

Who we are and where we’re from

And give credence to

The synthesis of us

12 thoughts on “Remembering Synthesis”

  1. It is a very beautiful creation Anne-Marie. It can be hard at times with even softer bits too 😀
    But it is us ❤
    Merry Christmas dear lady, may your creation have a drink for the occasion and the discovery of more 'bits' ❤

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    1. Thank you, Mark. We had a lovely Christmas. I hope yours was a joyful one too. Can’t really imagine a sunshine soaked Christmas although it would be a nice change from snow and rain! Just Ne’erday to go now with a house full of my crew and their pals! Have a great New Year, Mark. All the best for the one just round the corner. 🙂

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      1. Many blessings for your New Year also kind lady, may it bow to your verses and feel the journey they create ❤ XOX 😀
        And looking forward to a cooler New Year if you'll swap a few degree's too 😀 ❤


  2. An excellent poem on reflection – and indeed we do need to consider what we are and what influence we leave.
    The best of the season to you and yours. May the new year usher in a sense of political compassion and a brighter dawn for us all.


      1. And who could forget the taste of spam? Spam sandwiches, spam and mash, fried spam. Oh, sorry, I forgot how words gather new meanings! Thanks for reading and may 2018 be good to you.


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