One Mile For Me

Do a mile for me when you’re out running

I feel like I could smash a mile today

My blood is up, the wind is only sighing

Do a mile for me, what do you say


Lift your feet o’er puddles I might meet there

Watch out for country pancakes in my path

Work a healthy sweat up, but not much, dear

What’s your problem, why, Frank, do you laugh


I think that I can do it this fine morning

If you’re willing to endure an extra mile

Or give me one of twelve that you’ll do laughing

It’s my birthday, darling, go on, make me smile


A mile is nothing to you, that’s a doddle

And I would like to do just one today

So, go on, promise that your trainers

Will pound one out for me, what do you say


Splendid! That is just what I required

Affirmation that, in this ripe year

I can run a mile, if you are willing

So, do your stuff and I’ll be waiting here


Bounding over burns all overflowing

Leaping over hedges like a doe

Hurry up, I’m just exhausted thinking

Now, give’s a kiss, before you have to go


My coffee’s getting cold and I have chocolate

Pending by me side and urging, eat

Run a mile for me but don’t be back late

I’ll need to bathe my aching, running feet


I feel so good this morning, an elation

Fifty-seven seems, somehow, just right

To exercise my legs, imagination

One coffee at a time. You know, I just might…


23 thoughts on “One Mile For Me”

  1. HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY, DEAR FRIEND! I know it has been a very long time. Hope you are having a wonderful start to 2018 and that all is well at your side of the world. Sending much love and joyous, delightful light from Malaysia. Big Hugs x

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  2. Wonderful. Love it. Is it a “Happy birthday to you”, then? Just in case, Happy Birthday! And, if so, I’ll do a mile for you today if you’ll do one for me in two days (and I have 15 years on you!). 😉

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  3. Happy 🎂 kiddo!! Run a mile with you, um, I’ll have a pint in your honour at Hurley’s Pub here in Montreal. Running is a bit tricky here with all the snow:). Have a great day my friend 😚 🤗

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  4. Happy Birthday kind lady. May those expectations in your life disappear like the wine in your glass, the chocolate in your cupboard and the sight of your toes as your waistline covers them 😀
    Just find the balance and acceptance of who you are momus…she is more important than the fears of this world ❤
    Plus it's your birthday, you can have one day off surely? 😀 ❤

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  5. a very happy belated birthday to you! This was a great poem and post. Have been absent from reading for too long and I have missed your words. I hope this year is filled with the absolute best for you, with all of your heart’s desires being met.

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