Gaudy, neon logos in the cities

Winking obfuscation in the dark

Subtler signposts, muted, warning danger

Too subtle, though, to imprint, make their mark


Granite guidestones seeking their solution

Demarcation lines they shall not cross

Semblance of democracy, diminished

Much later, yet, before we count the cost


Angry words, with ignorance their hallmark

Cast blame, with new direction we should go

New names, old ways, we thought belonged in text books

Forgotten to remember, our new low


Angry academics losing friendships

Siblings crossing swords to state their case

Battles raging everywhere, it seems so

Under lights that laugh at our disgrace


Too long complacent, thinking life was settled

That progress was direction just one way

Now undermined ‘neath neon, dead men walking

Backwards into hist’ry, come what may


We lost our way while working for a living

In seeking pleasure in our idle hours

We didn’t mark the meanwhiles while they meanwhiled

Till lights went out, all over, harnessed power


Preserved where words come easily and harshly

Feeding into narrative outlets

Counter arguments, by reason, scoffed at

Supremacy a dogma we forget


Bring candles, though they flicker in the darkness

Protect them from the wind while still it howls

Bring flint and steel to keep the basics lighted

Keep the signposts bright, yes, even now

10 thoughts on “Signposts”

  1. Good to read your thoughts once more, Anne-Marie. It’s all a conspiracy really – either keep them poor so that every hour is spent working, or distract them with trivia whilst the rich grow richer, more powerful and more unaccountable. Mind you this had begun revolutions before, so who knows?
    Meanwhile Boris seems intent on re-inventing the Cold War. Ho hum.
    All the best to you and yours.

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    1. Truer than I want to believe, Chris. Just wait till protective legislation starts being struck from the statutes without a by-your-leave or bit of debate. ‘A race to the bottom’ with us at the bottom and no means of defending rights hard won. ‘Get ye back down where ye belong, peasants’. JR-M wouldn’t be beyond saying that, I’m sure.
      I’ve been a very absent blogger. Must do better. Writing that out a hundred times. Thanks for reading, Chris. All the best to you and yours.

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  2. Glad to hear that accent again momus, it has been silent in the hallways of words. (If we could just do that in parliament though 😀 )
    Spirit passed something on to me here a while back…to reach a maturity civilisation must first face themselves, and in that they will become like ancient Greece and Rome etc, decadent to such a degree that our respect of ourselves go out the window until our fears reach the surface and we begin a war or some pestilence (from something we do), crashes that civilisation…and then we begin again from the ashes.
    Now this may only mean that the have’s and have nots reach a point of no return and start shooting each other because of the anger and despair that these situations create.
    But then again maybe it is like any vermin or virus that we have an outbreak of, nature finds a way to restore her balance by countering it in some way.
    You starting a political party Anne-Marie? 😀
    Hope all is well kind lady, sending love and light over the waves to you…might need it if the lights go out 😀

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    1. Everything’s fine with me and my crowd, Mark. I just keep wondering why the world and its weans seem to have lost their marbles. Spirit would appear to be on the right tracks. Wish it would whisper in a few more ears
      Hope you and yours are all weĺl, Mark

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      1. Doing well kind lady, thank you. Just trying to convince spirit to pull the plug on a few individuals…but apparently they won’t learn if that happens. But I keep telling spirit that some of these people have the awareness of a wallet and as long as its full of everyone else’s money they don’t want to change 😀
        Glad to hear the Glascow Clarion is still keeping ’em honest momus 😀

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