A Solstice Prayer

As the sun finally sets this solstice, let it set on the union.

Scots, wha hae, that claim the name

Those that call auld Alba hame

Welcome where we’re aw the same

Liberty fur aw


Now ’s the time, and now’s the hour

Time tae help the thistle flower

Resistance tae Westminster’s pow’r

Nae EVEL laws abide


Wha will look tae future, save

Our rights for country, children brave

Stand yer ground, for nae man, slave

Reclaim our sovereign rule


Wha for Scotland’s justice, laws

Wha for self-rule’s worthy cause

Wha will fight without a pause

Tae break restrictive chains


By oppressive governance

Outnumbered in that parliament

Upholders of new covenant

Scotland shall be free


Let the Tories feel the blow

United, onward, we shall go

By independence, we all know

We will thrive for aye


Robert’s words were timely then

His sentiments, Arbroath again

Declared by children, women, men

Unfettered rights proclaim


Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales

Unloose the chains frae London’s rules

Ungoverned by a tribe of fools

Rabbie’s words for aw


Power hungry knaves and knights,

Millionaires and lords talk shite

Magna Carta’s banged tae rights 

Different laws for aw


Be the people we can be

With voices strong, equality

Within the grasp if all are free

Nations once again


Wha will look to what we need

None that serve for power or greed

Bite the hand that will not feed

By self-rule change the game


Bastions of power shall fall

No barriers, no fascist wall

Free citizens, oh hear the call

All must do or die


UKIP, Tory, right-wing rule

Takin’ nations for blind fools

We have the will, we have the tools

If we signify


Testify tae what is right

Keep real enemy in sight

Those who rule tae retain might

Moral compass skewed


Rabbie knew the games they played

Power lost by power waylaid

The union’s deid, once more self-made

Nations once again


Brothers, sisters sharing land

A classless system, hand-in-hand 

In fellowship, for this we stand

Scotland’s on its way


We must travel where we will

Westminster’s voice is harsh and shrill

A banshee wailing, had our fill

Vain cockerel’s crawed its last


Wha would stop the tide in flow

Wha can stop the winds that blow

They move for aw, and most Scots know

Independence calls


Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales

Unloose the chains frae London’s fools

As free men claim yer own self-rule

Rabbie’s words for aw

7 thoughts on “A Solstice Prayer”

  1. Meanwhile, south of the border, the general populace are finding it difficult to move due to the vast number of NHS facilities and cultural facilities that have grown up since the Vote. Or maybe the cash is being stockpiled to build another wall for when you finally break free.
    Hope you are well, Anne-Marie, and keep up the fight!

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    1. On it, Chris. Seeing the madness and wondering where and when and how it will end.
      Hope you and yours are all well too. On countdown now to the holidays. Three and a half working days then Freedom! Bit longer though for Indy. 😊

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      1. To be honest I can’t see how this is ever going to have a positive ending for the majority.
        On the work front we’ve four weeks to go but have just been told that our ‘Advisor/ Inspector’ (or whatever title he goes under) has decided he wants to do lesson observations at the end of next week! Words fail me.


      2. Oh God, Chris. Just as you’re wanting to clear walls and draw things to a close! Now you have to call on depleted reserves. The school I’m currently in had them in before Christmas. Not a great experience but at least we were still in work mode. You have to wonder at their reasoning/common sense. Do they really think the end of term is a good chance for them to see people at their best? Everyone – kids and teachers – are shattered by then. I hope it goes okay and you enjoy your hols. I’m off to Crete for a fortnight with family. Totally buzzing! 😁

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