Those Days

I wrote this back in March but never posted it. I haven’t been posting much of anything or doing any blog reading apart from politics. Yup, that’s where I’ve been. Lost in the political maelstrom of a world that seems to have lost its senses. I figured I couldn’t keep complaining or writing about it without actually trying to do something a bit more constructive. So I am.

I hope all my WordPress friends are coping with life and pursuing their passions. As for me, I’m doing just that. I hope to return to blog world more often as soon as I have time. God bless.x

they did not come

those days

as some had prophesied

in blinding flash of light

mid spores

from mushroom cloud

no, they did not come

those days

as later testified

with fanfare

or with marches

to an anthem played too loud


they did not come

those days

to separate our flesh

cast shadows

of a life once lived

upon the earth

no, they did not come

those days

to harvest and to thresh

neither to sort

nor weigh our value

fix our worth


they did not come

those days

upon a suddenly

an exclamation mark

to our complete


no, they did not come

those days


they stealthed


before our blinded eyes


they came

those days

when memory was lost to time

and all that once was known

had died

a painless death

yes, they came

those days

amid portents and with signs

but truth remained


till almost nothing left


they came

those days

when jealous gods stole back the fire

demanded ransom

fuelled the flames

of nation hate

yes, they came

those days

to mindless, such we were

they came at last

at last we saw

but had we seen too late


Labour rips up the Claim of Right

Labour. Supporting independence worldwide. Except in Scotland. The Claim of Right says otherwise. Scots are sovereign. No one else but us decides. Mr Corbyn et al need to check their history books and perhaps refer to more recent Hansard notes. Labour are dead to Scotland. As are the Tories. Two cheeks of the same arse. Tick tock.

Wee Ginger Dug

It is being reported today, Sunday, that following Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion that he might be prepared to ‘allow’ Scotland to hold a future independence referendum should he become Prime Minister, that the Scottish Branch Office is to press for the inclusion of a clause in the Labour manifesto explicitly opposing another independence referendum. The Branch Office is thought to believe that this would mean that a future Labour government would have a mandate to forbid any future independence referendum and to refuse to give the Scottish Government a Section 30 order, irrespective of any mandate that the Scottish Government has been given by the people of Scotland in a Scottish election and irrespective of the vote share received by independence parties or the number of MPs they achieve. According to Nick Eardley of the BBC, an announcement to this effect will be made at the Labour party conference in Liverpool.

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The gravity of theory

Wee Ginger Dug

On Friday, Theresa May gave her considered response to the entirely predictable rejection of her Chequers Plan by the EU. The rejection should not have come as a surprise to anyone who was paying attention. The EU has been signalling ever since the Chequers Plan was cobbled together that it wasn’t going to be acceptable. For the past two years it has been patiently and consistently explaining that the four freedoms are indivisible, and the British Government can’t pick and choose those parts of them that happen to suit the interests of maintaining some sort of semblance of unity within the British Conservative party.

It’s just unfortunate that the British Government counts amongst those who weren’t paying attention, and so it reacted to the EU’s refusal in much the same way that a toddler reacts when it goes in a huff and knocks its sippy cup off of the high…

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More offensive than a Boris Johnson opinion piece

Wee Ginger Dug

The nightmare is chapping at the door. The ultimate worst case scenario, everything that Better Together told us back in 2014 that only a No vote could protect us from is in the street, peering in through the windaes, about to get in. Boris Johnson as Prime Minister presiding over the hardest Brexit imaginable. It’s almost upon us. The next few weeks are going to be defining ones in the history of Scotland. The election of Boris Johnson would be the bilingual Gaelic language sign on the road to independence that tells us there can be no going back, because there is nothing to go back to. If Boris Johnson becomes leader of the Conservatives, it means that the UK which Scotland was told it was voting to remain a part of has, to use Johnson’s own widely condemned words, strapped a suicide belt around itself.

It’s not just that…

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