War of Self-Imposed

A war of self-infliction, crime exposed

Reasons for the hardships juxtaposed

Penalties impending, border freedoms to be closed

Oh, welcome to the war of self-imposed


While they cry for sovereign power but fight to it depose

While citizens ignore or guess, suppose

The unity of peace begins to decompose

Losing to a war of self-imposed


Democracy, dictatorship, in UK, now transposed

Archaic powers risen though necrosed

Poison resurrected in the system, rank disclosed

Who wins a war of losses self-imposed?


Privileged in power, legitimacy foreclosed

Hearts and minds, though changed, to be opposed

No one represented but for interests undisclosed

In a war manipulated and imposed


13 thoughts on “War of Self-Imposed”

      1. The death of Paul was a great shame. A great poet; super chap, albeit we were opposite in terms of politics and religion he and I found common ground. ‘Tis a great pity such common ground with Brexiteers is a thing I will never find…quite the opposite. I take the theft of my identity seriously…to the extent it will travel with me to my grave.

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      2. You just sort of expect that some people will always be around – powerful voices then gone in an instant.
        Theft of identity and rights is exactly what it is, Mike. I’m not succumbing without a fight though. I’ll come back and haunt beyond the grave if needs must!

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      1. The cat came back, not the very next day,
        The cat came back, you thought she was a goner,
        But the cat came back, she just couldn’t stay away. 🙂


  1. Good to see you again, Anne-Marie. I’m long resigned now to the fact that this whole business is about (once more) lining pockets and keeping the rest of us down. In the end the powerful will emerge triumphant and lay the blame elsewhere.
    Oh, well, c’est la vie – if I’m allowed to still say that.
    Hope you are well.

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    1. For sure, there’s an agenda that benefits a powerful minority. I’m afraid I’m not resigned to the fact at all, at all, Chris. Vive la revolution is more my cuppa!
      All’s well here, Chris. I hope you and yours are too.

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