Finaglers’ Devices


Bigger plans afoot than senseless, stupid

Perception seeks and sees manoeuvred sin

The meanwhiles gather, rapid with intention

In situ, gaseous masking, febrile spin


Disbelieve the engineers, finagling

Devices, masterminded, coast to coast

Fools in place, distracting jesters, hoaxing

While masterminding prize that’s valued most


Counted heads and costed revolutions

Epic portraiture in snapshot ink

Of war in peace, acceptance in the psyche

Governance, by gaslight, doublethink


4 thoughts on “Finaglers’ Devices”

    1. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of Black Mirror but I enjoyed them. It reminded me of Tales of the Unexpected – the twist always surprising. A bit like Machiavellian politics. 😉


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