Run Aground

Tales rotated, deceits abound

Their fabrications bounce, rebound

Slander, libel, our name defiled

Grudges nurtured, to rule, divide

Shit dissembled, a masquerade

Phoney fuckers throwing shade

Of feigning union, but monopoly

Power retained, their sovereignty

Documentation disproving lies

Prove fact and fiction falsified

Mendacious masking ricochets

Reverberations in these days

Working, waiting, building trust

To re-establish what is just

Claim of Right intensified

Independence, morally justified

Tales rotated, deceits rebound

The Act of Union run aground

2 thoughts on “Run Aground”

  1. Finally found you again momus 😀
    My site has been playing up and I’ve lost almost everyone, had to start from scratch and even then I can’t comment, like or even follow it has got that bad.
    Spirit is blocking me, I can feel it…and something is about to happen (which has me looking behind tree’s and up in the sky 😀 ).
    But back to more current things, your incredible words above are prophetic, we have state elections tomorrow followed by the other pack of…ahem, gentleman who run this country in a few weeks time. All the media is buried in their fear mongering and to be quite honest I’d trust ‘Lord Voldemort’ more at the moment 😀
    Good to hear you again Anne Marie ❤

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    1. Aw, that’s rotten, Mark. All your work. I need to back up too. I’d never be able to recreate a fraction of what I’d written. No loss for some of it but I would still be vexed if it all disappeared.
      It’s good to hear from you too although I haven’t been around much myself. Decided to be a bit more active in my pursuit of a better politics.
      I hope things go well at your end. You’ll know it’s a shambles here in the wider UK. Thank god we have SNP here to sustain some sense.
      Take care. I’ll try keep an eye open for Aussie politics – my eldest is there working so even more reason to know what’s going on in your neck of the woods.

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