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While you were preoccupied, I stole into your home

You never noticed what I took even when I’d been and gone

I confiscated basic things, the ones that you’d ignored

And you were just so busy, I was not overheard

While sat before the TV, you did not see me there

And, if you had, would you have done a thing to show you cared

I don’t believe that you deserve to own the things withdrawn

For you were quite oblivious to what was going on

Distracted as you were by ice, by factors x and y

You have no right to now complain, to wring your hands and cry

So what, if now, you note they’re gone and want and need them there

I took them for my own ends and, quite frankly, I don’t care

I hold those things you thought were yours; your freedoms and your rights

Uninsured, no guarantee when unguarded out of sight

If you had raised your eyes, but once, beyond an oblong screen

How different might your future be, you might have looked and seen

That I am here, I’m always here, to steal the things you need

My raison d’etre: money, power; to satisfy my greed

Another chance? A do-over? A more attentive you?

Too late, too bad, you did not fight. You know my words are true.

Now here I stand instead of you, your rights crushed in my hand

Corruption rules, you did not move to fight nor make a stand

Escapades on gogglebox became reality

Back to your box

Or resist remote

Tune-out controlled TV


3 thoughts on “Virtuality”

  1. Yep, lost and afraid to see.
    Well written momus, we need a few more like you to crack that virtual bubble and rebuild our sense of worth, regain our faith and hope, and begin to believe again in what we can achieve, inside as well as out 😀

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  2. Virtual insanity is just about right. A case also of being careful what you wish for: we longed for a distraction from the hardships of life, and now we have it we find it has so blurred the lines that we no longer know what reality is.
    On another note isn’t it grand to see that we have finally reached that farcical point where there will be a vote on whether or not to have a vote to decide whether a vote should be taken regarding a further vote!
    My best to you!

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