Seeds Assigned

A seed, some soil, the skill

The will and willing

A hook, a line, some bait

And world revolves

The rising and the effort

These things telling 

Of evolved and elements

With basics solved


A pestilence, a shark 

The challenge waiting 

Some ingenuity, against the odds,

And life goes on

Then cultivators, trailing nets

The size of mammon,

Defeat survival

This phenomenon


A scourge upon all husbandry

And basics

Though sources rich

The system undermines

So what is grown, is caught

Is earned for living

Becomes not yours or ours

But is assigned


Till effort, willing, rising

Is diminished

Impotent deviations

Futile highs

An abstract of all life

The givers, taken,

Conceptual norms

Becoming life despised


A mere idea defeating

What is normal

A notion of all functions

In control

Of beneficiaries

In a shameful structure

Begs the question

What, exactly, is our role?


One thought on “Seeds Assigned”

  1. We’re supposed to learn from the bad bits and get better Anne-Marie. Somehow our leaders keep getting pulled out from the bottom of the barrel 😀
    Honestly, the ‘democratic’ system has been so manipulated that it is like ordering a a lovely fillet of salmon at a restaurant, and getting a fried chip on your plate. Not once, not twice but each time you order the salmon. So you give up, order a salad and pray 😀


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