Silhouetted dawn, the boundaries blurring

Separation into liminal

Night and day contrive while skylines warring

Threshold held before peak critical


War of worlds, deprived from ever meeting

Till, pressured light, through darkness, pivotal

Accorded prominence, afforded being

Daily battle reaches pinnacle


Bricks and mortar, ‘neath, sleep undiscerning

Fragile humans held subliminal

Awakening to the miracle of morning

Unseen conflict, disturbance minimal


But, arise before encounter is commencing

Witness struggle rarely visible

Master of the night holds firm till light, absolving

Reaffirms all life’s transitional


Foot-weary soldiers, rest, for day is dawning

Though battles rage, by turns, they’re integral

Nothing’s lost while we are still proclaiming

The yoke of darkness never shall prevail


10 thoughts on “Transitions”

  1. ‘Things can only get better…’. Seems to be taking a while though! Perhaps there is something greater going on out of sight…although the strings do seem to be pulling in opposite directions.
    My very best wishes for 2020.

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      1. Positive is my survival mindset, Chris but. between the stable genius in the US and the lying fucker here, I’m actually positively terrified. Working like a mad thing on achieving independence. You’d be most welcome up here to escape the asylum, Chris. I do think things are going to get worse. Governments always seem to like a handy war to lift flagging morale and those two eejits are just the morons who’d jump at the chance.
        Back to work tomorrow and the fray begins again. Hoping to retire within the year though so woohhoo! Spirits up, Chris. They can’t gub us all. 😉

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      2. Same here (workwise), although I shall be hanging up my hat next year. You are certainly correct re. ‘a good war to sort ’em out’, and this pair are more than up for it.
        Survival mode definitely keeps reminding us that there is always another corner to turn…let’s hope the next road leads to sanity! All the best for the new term.

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      3. I shouldn’t be going until next year, Chris but the way benefits are calculated here means it may be better to go this year. I don’t know if your scheme uses the same formula or if you’ve checked that out but I’m waiting for figures to make a final decision. May be worth checking out if you haven’t already. Though, if you’re anything like me, now that it’s imminent, I’m on it. 🙂

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      4. I will double check, but I think I’m ok – I do feel for our younger members of staff though – higher contributions and no lump sum = more years at the face.


  2. Hey Momus, it is good to hear your voice again. Your transitions are the important ones, and I can feel them from here 😀
    Happy New Year dear lady, may it be a heartfelt one in heart and mind ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦘

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    1. Happy New Year, Mark. Just dipping my toes in here. Still a busy wummin at the moment and for the foreseeable future. Thinking there may be some transitions for me come the summer.
      Hope you and yours are all well. x

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