10 thoughts on “Wha’ The Feck?”

  1. Always the money dear lady, always the money. And that mindset runs the country…everywhere 😱 ☹️
    But besides that, and more importantly… hellooooooo momus!!! It has been a while, I hope you are well dear lady with all the mayhem. I thought maybe you would be writing much poetry and sass to pass the time? 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    1. Not as much as I should be, Mark, unless you count writing report cards! Working from home is definitely strange. Everything is for all of us.
      At least the feeling that it’s all a dream has abated. To be replaced by the feeling that it’s a nightmare.
      I won’t go down the politics route right now. Enough of it for the day. (Lifetime more like).

      I hope you and yours are all well, Mark. This must be impacting your line of work too.

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      1. Actually it has increased my healing (counselling) simply because of the stress that it has caused. But besides that I usually isolate myself during our winter down here anyway so this is actually normal for me. Mind you I do miss my walk to the beach for a coffee a couple of times a week.
        All doing well dear lady as I hope you and yours are. And my only uproar was a very beautiful bird visiting me…and no, this one had feathers 😂 I did a post on Erick with a gallery of pics, and he most certainly did distract me for a few weeks.


  2. Lovely to hear from you once more – I trust that you are keeping well.
    Ah, how the millionaires panic when they lose a pound down the back of the sofa!
    My son showed me a wonderful meme the other day (don’t know where he found it, so my words will have to do).
    It was a photograph of Prince William with the caption: ‘William spent an hour looking for a tin opener…before he realised that he had furloughed him.’
    Take care

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    1. Och, they’d have us all out with bayonets on rifles, waving flags, if they truly believed that would save their backsides. I really fear we’re in for worse to come .
      How the other half live, eh? Charlie boy, of course, did his own thing at the start of this. Popping up to one of his other hooses, cohort in tow, followed by the press but, hey ho, no public accountability. This whole thing really highlights the divide and separation of values.
      Anyhow, I hope you and yours are all well, Chris. You’ll be working from home too? Online classes, CPD, reports, evaluations. And, when possible, some sunbathing with a good book. Was nearly toast today!

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      1. All well here, thanks. On a rota at work, which is weird, but at least it means that I can get out in the sun! Was listening the other day to some idiot ranting on about how remote teaching was the way forward and intimating that is was, for us, the ‘easy life’, and that the children would learn as much as if they were in the same room as us. Thought about inviting him to our place to see how many of our disinterested and disenfranchised children , many whose backgrounds simply do not value education, are coping. Not to mention those who either don’t have access to technology, either through having to share or not being given said access, or are regularly cut off from the internet, cope. Despite my best efforts I only have regular involvement from a dozen out of thirty.
        Enough of my whingeing – it’ll all be over soon when Whitehall checks the books!
        My best to you and yours.


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