Casts A Shadow

Upon an open road, it casts a shadow

Though its presence is unseen by all who pass

While they search, pursuing source of dark reflection

It passes on, unheeding of their gasps


Tho’ expressions upon faces are amusing

It whiles away its days in search of eyes

Who see its semblance, silent, standing upright

But no one gives the spirit second glance


It stands upon some legs that are unnumbered

Raises arms, too countless, to really be a thing

Breathes deeply of the air that passes through it

And thinks a tune no voice can gladly sing


It’s covered miles and lands, encountered millions

Who gape and stare but cannot see it’s there

And when, soul-weary, worn, such is their blindness

It rests upon a chair that isn’t there


Such consternation, when it perches roadside

The anguish as they seek out shadowed form

It shrugs in silence, helpless to explain how

It’s normal to be cast in spirit form


The carcasses they carry seem so heavy

The hunger, fear and thirst that they must bear

It sometimes contemplates reactions if it offered

Respite for the bodies everywhere


We’ve seen it, sometimes, while we weren’t looking

A glimpse of something present when it’s not

When we lower eyelids, heavy with reflection

To dream of something that we’ve always sought


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