For Anna & Louise, Laura & Mark – Gen Zers Who Rock

I know my kids have no filter when it comes to conversations. Our topics at dinner are often of their making and Frank and I are about choking some of the time. They are opinionated but their arguments are rational and backed up with evidence and strong feelings.

My niece and nephew came over with my sister the other night and, apparently, her two youngest are the same.

We all ended up chatting together and, by the gods, watch out for this generation. They are nobody’s fools and I welcome their vision and passion.

The song at the end is particularly for my Anna who just loves Marina and relates so much to her songs and themes. This is my favourite of Marina’s.

Ears inside the ceiling hear our anguish, hear our pleading

Eyes that are the windows see our shame

Space we think is fine with privacy entwined

Is a park of public traffic where we’re blamed

Monotonous tones of grey tell us what to press and say

While the minutes of a phone call turn to hours

Our data, so unique, while we type or save or speak

Is for sale to highest bidder for its power

Gaslight is fixed on high, set to boiling, we comply

While we go about the daily tasks and grind

Bit players in a scene, merely cogs in their machine

Insignificant in the roles we’ve been assigned

Trapped in ’84, not a novel anymore

Animal Farm is caging us with rats

Poverty and fear, tools of despots far and near

Ermine-clad ambitious think we’re prats

Too late for us, it seems, to fulfil all of our dreams

But the young are not as dumb as some would think

They will not be forgotten though the system stinks, is rotten,

They are hovering right now upon the brink

No subject is taboo, what we fear they will pursue

While we cover mouths with hands and show our age

Revolution will be theirs while we gawp in scare

Gen Z will free the future from its cage


13 thoughts on “For Anna & Louise, Laura & Mark – Gen Zers Who Rock”

  1. Hey dear lady, it is good to hear your voice. Scary though it was, and yes, we have indeed been gazumped in so many ways. From what you spoke of, to just (I say), those ads from TV. A monster has indeed, Loch Ness style, only been a shadow among the high rise buildings but is slowly becoming more aggressive. It requires a firm hand indeed…but…from that private control back into government hands, what monster do we then create? We have enough trouble over here with their gestapo tactics as it is. Today they (government), have put the heavies on the police force to make sure that only vaccinated people enter shops, go to events, fly etc, etc. I was convinced that Hitler was dead…apparently not 😦
    But there is one thing among it all with its lock downs, stress, sending people broke from no work or business, forcing rules that most certainly have no sensibility let alone sanity…and that is that they are sitting on a time bomb and for the life of them they can’t hear the ticking. It doesn’t matter if we are vaccinated or not, they have angered ‘everyone’ in one way or another and the tolerance for it is getting very, very thin. So far there has only been two protest marches, the second the police totally lost control over it because of its size. Tick, tick, tick….
    Anyway, a big hug from down under my friend, I’ve missed your energy 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    1. Thanks, Mark, good to be back.
      I had seen some coverage from your neck of the woods and was surprised at the heavy-handedness of the police.
      I can’t even begin to go into the level of corruption currently in evidence in the UK. Covid has been a gravy train for those into disaster capitalism and even court action doesn’t knock them off the train despite being found guilty of cronyism and whatnots. It seems to be licence to do whatever the hell you like if you’re in a position to do so. And that’s before factoring in the effects of Brexit.
      Thank God the kids are not blind and have a strong sense of justice. Tick, tock is right.
      Hugs to you too, Mark. Hope you and yours are doing well despite the awfulness of so many things going on around us.

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      1. Going great guns dear lady. I tried to die at the end of last year but God took my ticket off me for the pearly gates and sent me back to the coal face. I think it was the trying to sneak back and avoid the virus got me into trouble 😂 🤣
        And it will go where it must to show us the lies and deceit dear lady, how else can we heal but by falling in our self made ditches…it’s just the being caught in ‘their’ webs and being dragged into it with them that is painful.
        But keep safe dear lady, may there be some sunshine among the clouds, it can’t rain all the time 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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      2. I just had a ‘little’ encounter with God dear lady, I was being shown something in my so-called being unafraid of death. It took on a whole new meaning when I had an allergic reaction to my emphysema medication and instead of opening my lungs it inflamed them and closed of all breathing. It was an interesting trip I tell you, laying on the floor dying and then God speaks to you and brings it into a whole new dimension. I posted the first part of what happened, as it happened (it took weeks), from the post ‘As Above, So Below!’ and goes into everything that happened in the posts above that. There may be an odd ‘other’ post but I think it was leading up into Christmas time. No expectations to read dear lady, just a little story if you have any ‘spare’ time in your retirement 🤣, from what I hear from all the retiree’s around this area they haven’t got a moment to scratch themselves, everyone wants a piece of them before they get a chance to run away into the scrub 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣

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  2. Sis, I love this. We saw together on Saturday night how strong the words are that come from our bairns’ mouths, how wise they are, how they question everything and how they call out the bullshit. Filters can be very over rated! Love you my awesome big sister xxx

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  3. Fantastic to hear from you, Anne-Marie, I hope that you are keeping well. Fine piece, and it’s good to know that your children follow in your footsteps!
    Our daughter often quotes which ‘generation’ people belong to.
    After Gen Z though what happens? Oh, and where is Generation Why (Y)?!

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    1. They’re miles ahead of me, in so many ways, that I’m following them. But my filter ability has definitely diminished as I’ve gotten older. 🙂
      I think I might be the Generation Why now – seem to spend an inordinate amount of time saying that.
      Speaking of getting older – I took retirement in October of last year although I have been doing supply cover when needed. Glutton for punishment;) Paperwork pretty much disappeared! What a difference. Are you nearly there yet?

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      1. Oh yes!! I finished at the end of July, although I was still officially employed until the end of August. Much as I loved a wonderful job I have to say I don’t miss it at all: yes it was great working with the children and some excellent practitioners but I’m not sure now how I even fitted it all in!
        Glad to hear that you are enjoying your retirement….must plan trip up to the Highlands.. it’s been too long.

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      2. Aw, great, Chris! We’ve been getting about a bit but not quite what we had planned pre-pandemic. We were in the Highlands during the summer and still one of my favourite places. Enjoy. 🙂

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