I’ve grabbed hold of the reins!!

As you may all be aware the gorgeous Anne-Marie has taken a sabbatical of sorts, off to write her wee Scottish heart out and take a rest from blog-land.

When I received her email asking me if I would like to contribute a piece for her site, I jumped up and down with joy (well no I didn’t, as at my age jumping is banned). I eagerly  said yes, then wondered for the next day what on earth I would write about.

My blog started off as hints for mums and talking about my two adult girls. I then discovered the wonderful world of poetry. I followed other poets, I breathed in their words, some of which still can leave me confused by the way. I then started writing about my life in more detail. My youngest daughter at 27 has Borderline Personality Disorder, which only manifested last year. I also wrote and write about my elderly parents whom I refer to as Mumma & Pop Penguin. I gave them this name as bless their cotton socks they are 85 & 87 respectively and … well they shuffle like two little penguins.

I am extremely close to my parents and it has amazed me that my readers have taken them into their hearts as well.

This is what I love about the blogging community, when I started a few years ago, I had no idea how many would read me ( yes I was one who constantly checked their stats in the beginning). Now I don’t. I have made virtual friends from many countries and for that I am grateful.

In my ‘other life’ apart from being a mum, a daughter and partner to an amazing man who I refer to as Mr. S. I am a Funeral Civil Celebrant, which I have been doing for the past year and I love it. I am also studying to perform marriages. I am now 59 years old (hence the banned jumping)  and I live in Melbourne, Australia. So that is a little bit about me personally.

Is there anything to maintaining readers? My only answer is to display your manners. Read and comment whenever you can, show politeness to all that you read, be they once or if you follow.

I have the propensity to change from one subject to the other, this is clearly evident in what I have written thus far!

I am, as I said, very grateful to A-M for giving me the opportunity to blab on a bit on her site and I can only hope that she is writing her Scottish Bum off right now. We are all here to support one another, blogging can not be a one way street. So hopefully I can repay the favour very soon!

She writes
her thoughts scurrying
through her mind, no correction
of spelling or punctuation
this will stop the flow
she has ideas
a story, putting her
other work on hold

Whilst she gives others
opportunities to display
she writes and scratches
head, a worded masterpiece
will develop
one that will be read

So thank you Anne-Marie
I hope I haven’t dribbled
take time between
your writing
have some time for you
your readers will be waiting
so have a dram or two

Oh and Thank You to all of those who have read, I now hand back the reins. Jenny