To the wonderful readers of this most resplendent blog…
The host recently read a poem of mine of on my blog here : Experimental Fiction and liked it enough to let me post it here as a guest post. However, she also said that she read it back-to-front and it worked as a piece that way too… and I have to agree. So, I have posted it here as ScottishMomus’ version which I still like, and a link to the original can be found here. I hope you like it.

You’re all that I wanted,
But it was not to be,
Our life in five words,
You were lying to me.

Your actions spoke louder
Than a shout from on high,
Facades came crumbling
I’d never know why.

A mask of forgiveness
And patience pretended,
But truth is now out,
Falseness is ended.

We thought that forever
Could be held close and near,
But hands lose their grip
When shaken by fear.

The first lie you told me
Were the last words you said,
No love in your heart,
No me in your head.


Love You More

“This is the first time I’ve ever ‘guested’ on a blog. So first of all, thank you to this wonderful blog’s host for allowing me to scatter my words across her pages. I wrote this today, and a weakness of mine is thinking my words will never be read or aren’t good enough. Hopefully you’ll find this a good read.” Simon

Take me dear and lead me on
Through willows where you roam,
Along the paths of memory
With secrets all alone,
For if I am to love you more
These things I should be shown.

Take me dear with gentle hand
And show me where you go,
The secret places behind the dreams
Beneath the rivers flow,
For if I am to love you more
These things I need to know.

Take me dear along with you
Across the fields and loam,
Underneath the purple sky
With wishes richly sewn,
For if I am to love you more
Such flowers should be grown.

Take me dear with arm in arm
We’ll bask in summers glow,
To tell me stories of your past
In whispers sweet and low,
For if I am to love you more
Such truths they should be so

Take me dear, my trust is yours
This heart so made of stone,
For though its hard and tainted so
It’s willing to atone,
And if you are to love me dear
This heart is yours to own.