Are You Dancing? Are You Asking?

Today I was reinitiated into the joys of ‘social dancing’.

For the unenlightened, this is the kind of dancing your mammy and daddy might have done. Well, actually, my mammy and daddy didn’t do these dances. They were more your tango and fox trots and waltzes. But you get my drift.

You know the kind of dances. ‘The Gay Gordons’, ‘The Saint Bernard’s Waltz’, ‘The Canadian Barn Dance’ and ‘Strip the Willow’, among others. These are the dances that teachers like to encourage the ten to twelve year olds to learn for the day when, ‘You might be at a wedding or a ceilidh.’

In fact, the children involved today will do these dances at their school Christmas party.

A lot of schools have moved away from inflicting this punishment on children. I don’t know whether some child or other in the past begged their parents to take the education authorities to the European Court of Human Rights to ensure that their civil liberties were not impinged upon. But social dancing has rather gone the way of the dodo.

One of the schools I go to has, however, decided that it is still a valuable lesson in humility and had a practice today. I wouldn’t normally have been involved but I had a ‘Please Take’ scenario.

Three class loads of kids piled into the gym hall and were then instructed to choose a partner. The same one as the week before. So they had already had some practice at this. Nevertheless, the faces of some of the boys and girls were a study as they struggled with who to ask and then shuffled beside them awkwardly, trying not to make eye contact. There are always the one or two who are quite up for it. Worth a watching those ones.

I smiled to myself remembering this horrible experience from my own days at primary school. It could have been worse, right enough. My secondary school involvement in dances was a hundred times more humiliating considering I went to an all girls’ school.  So that didn’t make for much fun in the dancing stakes. Especially as a teenager.

We were allowed to invite boys from the local co-ed school once we reached our fifth year at secondary. I was about fifteen, I remember. We were all glad- ragged up and the boys were there. So too were the teachers. Old, wizened women who had never smiled since they were babes. Patrolling the assembly hall and ensuring that all partners stayed well apart from each other. No risk of Christmas kisses there. Or even a smoochie dance. No, no, no, it was all very disco from a distance. Status Quo and head banging. Some Slade and Sweet thrown in for good measure. While Macbeth’s witches shook their heads in dismay at the volume of the music and cackled to themselves every time they split up a possible meaningful relationship.

Anyway, back to today.

Heights between and within the year groups varied quite widely so we tried to pair the children so that the boys’ arms could actually reach above their partner’s shoulders. And so they didn’t look too ridiculous. We’re not that cruel.

The girls are really quite mature in their approach to the business of dancing with boys and some even extended their hands expecting to have them taken. At this point, many of the boys pulled the sleeves of their jumpers down over their hands to ensure no possible contamination from members of the opposite sex. An interesting way of dealing with the problem. But one I have observed many times before.

With instructions not to be ridiculous, they began. After demonstrations from two of the other teachers. A young lass reading the instructions from a pile of notes. Step, two, three, stamp, stamp. Step left ……you know how it goes.

The ceilidh music began and off they stepped. I wanted a video! You really would have to have been there. The almighty exertions of these children to follow what to them were convoluted steps while trying to hang onto their sleeves and count out the time to the music was a joy to behold.

So much better than the panto I had to endure the other week!

Not content with watching and encouraging I’m afraid I just had to join in. I’d forgotten how much I liked ‘Strip the Willow’.

It was a good day. And the children definitely improved. So in future years they can join in any wedding or ceilidh with ease! Very worthwhile practice, I think. And so much fun to watch. They were laughing at the end too so it couldn’t have been as horrific as all their protestations would have had us believe. Enjoying school? Teachers and pupils? Ridiculous!

What’s Really Going On

Circadian rhythm knocked askew,

4a.m. becomes the new

Time to rhyme

And coffee time.

What’s really going on?


It’s either that, or awake till then,

Scribbling frantically, pad and pen,

Drinking tea,

Good company.

What’s really going on?


I’m thinking, maybe, WordPress here

Has cranked my thinking up a gear.

Lots of stimulation and


Is that what’s going on?


Not complaining, no not me.

I’m finding this incredibly freeing,

Liberating, contemplating, speculating, meditating, considering, deliberating,

Pondering the thoughts of others.

I think that’s what’s going on.


Spirit welcoming all thoughts,

Voices heard from all world spots,

Sharing out across the globe,

Like disco lights and flashing strobe,


Sporadic blinking, constant thinking, distant eyes unseen though twinkling,

Showing me a touch of soul, communicating from the whole

World point view with nothing amiss,

I blow to you ae fond kiss.

Yup, that’s what’s going on.


Bratsch Armenian waltz


Traces of the Soul

bratsch armenian waltz

Pour te voir je compte les jours
Pour t’aimer j’attends ce jour
Je me noie dans tes yeux
Profonds et brillants comme la rosée
Sur les fleurs à l’aurore du matin
Toutes les nuits je rêve de toi
Toutes les nuits je t’appelle, toi
Le jour, la nuit j’ai le manque de toi.

Tu est le soleil de ma vie
Et la lumière de ma nuit
Le tourment de ma vie
Et le rêve de mes nuits.

Mon esprit se fond
Dans ton regard
Ton sourire éclatant
Est le soleil de mon cœur
Je vois dans tes yeux
Profonds, brillants comme la rosée
Sur les fleurs à l’aurore du matin
Ton âme douce, belle, aimante.

A friend…well, not really friend…my last on-line dating site buddy…the one I shared on  “dating” this past summer.  We had several poetry exchanges…mine original, his from various sites I discovered …but this…

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Poetry In Motion And Music

I came across this video as part of a comment here

A response to a very touching story.

And it is just too beautiful not to share. It has everything I love; desert, mountains, waterfalls, ocean, horses, height, depth, big cats, eagle, great voice, wonderful colours. Pretty much everything. Encapsulated in one video. And some fab dresses.

I tried to link it to the original commenter without success. His site is in Romanian and, although Windows translates, it was all taking so long that I gave up trying to find the original link. But, in between, I came across all sorts of other wonderful stuff. This guy has some great videos on here. Music to accompany visuals. The Blue Danube one was just gorgeous. A poet, music lover, football fan.       

I would like to invite both these gents, if they should wish, to select any and all awards from my awards page (I haven’t even updated it. My bad. Time, you know.) Anyway, no conditions attached. I just think they deserve them. So, feel free to claim whatever you wish. Two remarkable people.

It’s still amazing to me that people who have ‘liked’ my posts come from all over the world and I check them out and discover gems. That is amazing, isn’t it. Nothing lost in translation – well, not much- with translator. People are people are people the world over. Just goes to show, eh?


A second one that matters. Music sometimes seems to say more than words alone. Fab!

Renee Writes Here


You can be amazing…. You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug…. (Yes, I would totally do what these dancers did. I would dance with no music, for no reason. I WOULD!!!!)

Good Tunesday my loves. Sorry I’ve been away for so long. Life has changed drastically in the last week or so. I’ve moved out and am living on my own for the first time in my adult life. The silence is sometimes deafening, but I’m keeping busy with household projects. I’ve been visiting friends and trying to learn to do things on my own. Trying to brave.

I’m learning to be truthful in my pursuit of happiness. To think not only of myself, but the others that my quest affects.

My advice, open your heart and mouth. Screw up the courage within and speak your truth. Be prepared, because the outcome ain’t gonna be pretty…

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