Advisory Reminder



Remind me 

not to give

too much

It hurts

like hell and back

Remind me

to remember

what’s enough

Remind me

to keep

parts hidden


not to over share

Remind me

to hold myself 

closer than I’m held

by those who take 

without a thought

to consequence

who leech 

the heart of

giving graciously

Remind me that hurting


And I’ll try to remember that

when next I’m asked

for asking’s sake

Remind me

else I always forget

as every giving fool

My advice to her and self

Remember to swat some b’s

before they land

or sting


Chill, Mr. Man

Hey, anger,

Slow right down

And breathe…

Deeper now, that’s it,


Chill, anger,

Let it go,

That weight…

See, anger,

Better ways

To pass the time,

You’ll be fine,

Now just breathe…


Hey, mister, heart

Can’t take the constant strain,

Uncross your eyes,

Your legs,

The frown,

Climb down…

Hey, mister,

Don’t look at me that way,

It’s only sound advice,

The facts…

Hey, mister

I’ve got your back,

Hey, man,

Stick a flower in,


And breathe.




I need a bit of help here. I’ve been blogging around seven months now. I admit I didn’t read all the WordPress advice, just some pieces that seemed pertinent at the time. I’ll have to go back and check on a few matters. There might be small print in it that I never worry about. And it could come back to bite me on the bum.

But I figure getting my answers from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, might be more helpful to me. And maybe not just to me.

The thing is, I write all sorts of things that come into my head. Sometimes the inspiration comes from other bloggers. When this happens I try to give credit where I think it’s due and therefore link to whatever prompted the thoughts in me.

It would seem that may not be the best way to go. Inadvertently, I may have done the wrong thing by linking to a challenge that I was not invited to take part in. My own fault for not reading the nature of the post properly. It did actually say that it was a guest post. I checked….afterwards……so it was completely my own fault. I was just so intent on responding to the post. As many of you will know my comments can be a bit long-winded. A bit like my posts. Who said that?

Anyway, I started making a comment to a post I read and realised I was in the process of writing a rather long poetic response. So I cut the comment, created a post and linked back to the originator to give credit where it was due I thought. But, in linking to the post it looked as if I was pushing in on the guest challenge without being invited. I was mortified. I wouldn’t presume.

But what to do? I feel not to give credit is somehow crass, pretending that nothing prompted nor inspired. And if I wrote without giving credit and the other blogger is a follower of mine and saw it they may think, ‘Oh thanks very much. Use my idea and don’t even mention me’. I just kind of think that it’s good manners to do so.

Instead, it may be that it’s rather cheeky. To link yourself to another’s blog without asking permission. I don’t have a problem with it. In fact, I’m always really flattered that something I may have said inspired another.

The thing is, I don’t know what to do for the best. My dearly departed mother would have a hairy canary if she thought my manners were lacking. Actually, that’s only partly true. Sometimes, she’d say, ‘Ach fuck it. You can’t please everybody’. She would you know. She was quite a woman. But I’m having a fit thinking I’m ignoring some blogging protocol I’m not aware of. I know I could go search the forums. But have you any idea how frustrating it is to find what you’re looking for in those places? Of course you do. So that’s why I’m asking you.

Now there must be loads of you out there who have encountered this before. Or have maybe read a WordPress document I have not. I’d really like your advice.

So poll time again.

Please help me out before I make an arse of myself again.

I must say here that the blogger concerned was in no way rude to me. In fact, he was a total gent the whole time. Simply pointed out something I was unaware of. He even invited me, very graciously, to take part in the challenge. I declined because it was never my intention to do so. I was just commenting in a post inspired by another’s post. I really am at a loss. The thing is, I’ve done this on a number of other occasions and now I’m wondering if I’ve been getting up people’s noses by doing so.

I know I might be behaving like a total woman in this – over complicating what others don’t see as a problem. But, bugger it, I am a woman. I do over complicate. Maybe that’s why I’m so fascinated with the idea of simplicity. OK, whole other post. But I sincerely want to do the right thing and some of you must know the answer. So spill. Please. 🙂

What is the correct protocol for inspiration born from another’s blog? Please feel free to add any other optional answer. I need to know this stuff. Maybe we all do.

Help Me Out Here

Right, this may just be me or it may be something I’m doing wrong but I need it spelled out in easy peasy steps.

When I open a post in my reader and read the post I may click like and make a comment. When I then close the post to return to the reader the like does not appear to have registered so I click like again in the reader page. With me so far?

A few times I have gone back into posts and my like is not there. Does that even make sense? You know what I mean.

Does that mean that when I have liked in my reader after having liked in the main post I have essentially unliked it?

Still with me?

So, my question is, am I doing this wrongly? Do I just like the once and it will still eventually show after the reader page is refreshed?

Otherwise, some of the people I follow must think I’m a complete loon; liking, not liking, liking again.

I may be incapable of many things, including working out this very complicated procedure but I’m usually pretty sure about what I like and what I don’t. So, if I’ve liked your post and then unliked it be assured that it is purely because I am obviously a moron and not that I can’t make up my mind.

Advice on how to press a button properly would be welcome.

And, Brian, make one crack about me being a moron and I will go back and unlike everything I’ve ever liked in any of your posts. And I’ll unlike my comments and I’ll unfollow! If someone can tell me the right buttons to press.x