Breaths Of Air

Sirocco stirring

Sands of time,

Diablo melting


Mistral chilling,

Vaping life,

Winds of fame

That blind.


Give me winds

That sweep from sea

Or rush

Down mountain pass,

That charge, invigorate,

Clear all inside,

Billow through,



Or gentle breeze,

A breath so fine,

Whispering through my


Gentle caress

Of tenderness

From lips that

Breathe your air.



On barrier reef

And rocks around,

Lost and damaged

Souls are found.


Shipwrecked there

When vessels floundered,

Gallant galleons

Pirated, plundered.


Bodies sank into locker

Where Davy tends and keeps.

Souls released to other element

Drown, they would, in deep.


So weaving in and out each crevice,

Howling to the gale,

Separated souls from corpses

Scream. No arms to wave or flail.


A mist rolls in, envelops,

Captures and absorbs,

Rescues deserted entities,

Soothes essence without words.


Carried out beyond the waves

Above the ocean blue,

Soaring seamlessly to find

And bring each one to you.


Along the way just one or two

Drip and drop from inside fog,

Dissolved into the watery one,

Lost to unknown God.


Rejoined with flesh, they gasp for air,

Mr. Jones will smile.

He’ll let them suffer agonies

But only for a while.


A mighty roar and awesome wave

Will crash against the shore,

Deathly ones expelled to earth

To try to search for more.


Reborn again to airy light

Lost souls in body pieces,

Searching, crying to the night

Till peace, at last, releases


To each their own fulfilment,

Each plan and every goal,

Endeavour, search, illuminate

Till one day all be whole


And entities and essences

Will join in one great mass

Diffused into etheric plain

As gracious ghostly gas


Ignites the love all shared by one,

Explosive in its nature,

Whirling whorls of fiery power

Such souls, all one, in stature.


She gasped for breath that day

And I,

I was useless,


Asthma, in a panic

And I panicked too.

What to do?

What to do!

Hands flailing, breath wheezing,

Drowning for want of air.

Eyes wide,


I was there,

With a phone, that’s all.

One call.

Take charge,

Take control,

Take inhaler

And point

And press

And pray

And it worked.



Someone gasp for air,

My mum,

Helpless to help

But still,

It went well

With advice,

Calmly given

And actions taken,




To reports

Of chemical


I cry.

I die a little,


That day.

How dare they?

How dare they!


First on the hierarchy of need.

Not greed, but necessity.


Shoot me,

Stab me,

Bomb me,

Kill me quickly.

Do not take

My air.

Seconds of drowning,

A lifetime of suffering.

Terror in eyes

Not easily forgotten.