Those Days



those mottled days

pricked insistence

of the thorned flesh

those nettled days 

that itch unbearably

vented droplets oozing

life’s evaporation

those barbs of penetration




please, bleed the more

and once upon a story

let extraction

spill the trickle

let it pour, so feed

the need 

and grasp, the while,

the sapped relief

in application

of an age-old remedy

those writing days

their itch unbearable

themselves their therapy

those days


Sorry, can’t stop to comment. I’m on a Nano roll. Thought I’d leave a little working summary. Play guess the plot. 😉

Came they, clothed in softness, quite unique and freely blessed,
Gifted, given gladly, in full knowledge, acquiesced,
Turned a tide of thinking, feeling, saw, enriched the rest,
Gave it up and gave their all, born for nothing less.
How to save a planet, how to rebirth what was left,
In sacrifice, their lives bestowed, families saved, bereft,
Quietened in reason, quelled they, the cruelty fest,
In innocence, in all they knew, beings fit for test.