There’s a part of me misunderstood.

I get it, yup, I know that’s good.

For all who seek an understanding,

First, cry out, an ode demanding,

What is yours?

What story tell?

I sympathise,

Empathise as well.

This heart that seeks an understanding

Is, therefore, one who’s undemanding.

And so, I cry alone tonight,

And bid my children, spouse, ‘Goodnight’.

I’m sure they wonder, as do I,

What is the fascination?

I’ve thought. I’ve searched. I’ve wondered too.

This is God’s just creation,

For all Whom I encounter here,

Raise voice and shout,

And sometimes fear

Repercusssions, Honesty,

Absolved from all hypocrisy

In quiet voice and humble note,

I notice all whom I have spoken to

With. ‘ Shout. Proclaim.

And justify.’

You’re here for solace.

So am I.