What to buy?

What to cook?

What to eat.?

Necessary food,

A disinterest,

Forcing me to my feet.


Yum, yum, yum,

May I have some?

Yorkshires and that meat.

Not for me,

I’m on a diet,

Can’t add that as a treat.


I’m not hungry quite as yet.

Well, maybe one wee tater.

Leave the rest upon my plate,

I’ll eat it all up later.


I’m vegetarian now.

Well, almost,

Except for spinach, beans and sprouts

And anything that smells like vegetables.

Those are definitely out.


Can I leave this?

I feel quite sick.

Don’t force my stomach, please.

Until an hour or two has passed,

Then I’ll have some toast and cheese.


Little children eat it up.

Bigger ones a pain.

Suck it up, I often say,

I’m not doing this again.


Now, often they will cook their own

And maybe for us all.

I eat the lot, not one complaint.

Just glad it’s not my call.


Restaurants are such a joy.

A waiter and a chef.

Relax, read off your choices.

Plates cleared, there’s nothing left.


I may just start a café

With menus for a choice.

Opening hours and closing ones.

Meals presented with a large invoice.