Annexed in a place where thoughts are reason,

Justifying all you see as real,

Stories oft repeated since the childhood,

Demonic, possessive, charlatan’s fairy tale.


Round and round on fairground’s junk attraction,

Addicted to the thrill, a do-again,

Dizzied, doltish, stubborn, self-defeating,

Spin the words, the thoughts, repeat refrain.


Creative truths or lies to self repeated,

Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, now believe,

Cost analysis negated, void or vapid,

Giving vent inside. Repeat. Receive.


Might the mind be mired in fault perception,

Spinning wheel of fortune for a prize,

Deflated, once again, at arrow’d misadventure,

Repeat, ‘my luck’, behind the wishing eyes.


Inducing vomit with the same old story,

Round and round and round, repeat once more.

Negativity, counter-clockwise, lost to present,

Dismount, alight, firm ground, fresh thoughts in store.


Tell yourself your story if you have to,

A rationale for what our lives reveal,

Tighten vice on regular rotes so writ there

Or change the record, let the spirit heal.



Following the rules. But…..

Steve has added a new rule to his instructions. 😦 Number 4 says, ‘No Cheating’.

Well, he must have been reading my mind because I so wanted to be able to include a song I’ve been listening to all week in my car going to and from work. But it never came up on the shuffle mix. Possibly because it’s not on my I-pod. This song is on one of the mixed CDs my sixteen year old daughter makes up. And I’ve played it till the blood was streaming. I do that. A lot. Play it loud!

Don’t you just want to dance to it? Quite awkward when you’re driving. But possible. Fact.


On to the honest mix. 🙂

Where have you come from? is the first of the three questions before hitting play on shuffle mode.

Are You Gonna Be My Girl,   Jet

Ummm. Like this but not saying much to me at all at all. Except, maybe…..different sort of dancing here? Head banging as  I listen. Shoulders going. Hips having a good time. 🙂

Where are you at? 2nd question

Audience and Audio, Twin Atlantic

Loving the accent on this. Recognise it? And the rhythm and beat. Yup, another dancey of the , ‘I’ve got a sore head’ variety.

And, ‘Why don’t we?’, come to think about it.

3rd question. Where are you going? Feck, as if I know! Does anyone? Seriously?

A Little Less Conversation, Elvis Presley

Well, what seems to be apparent is that I quite like rock. In all its various stages. Knew that anyway.

But, other common factors here? Em, maybe, act. Don’t just keep talking. But, if you’re gonna talk make it worth listening to. Maybe? Either that or just dance. That’s always a good alternative to other types of inaction.

Happy Friday! Have a smasher of a weekend. And remember to dance. Very liberating. If you’re reading this Jen, just do it.

Especially to the first one. Irresistible I’ve found. All week.

Here, I might have a look at what I actually do listen to each week. See if that gauges how I’ve been feeling. Um, have to think about that one.

Addendum:- If I’m being perfectly honest. (Fuck! Why can’t I just lie and shut up?) All of these posts were political and social to me. At least in the lyrics. Why the hell don’t we speak up and act instead of talking about ourselves? We are the foxes and the hounds are on the run.

But I refuse to ‘do’ politics on a Friday night.

Add-addendum. (I know it’s not a word!)  Thoroughly enjoy this, Steve, I’ve come to find. Like a wee reflection on my week. Almost psychically. 😉 In all honesty, I’ve been strutting my stuff and having a good time in and out of work with a bit of attitude thrown in for good measure. So that might account for the rock. Ya think?




Respect. There’s The Buzz!

I wrote this today when I came home from school. I’ve had a challenging couple of days. One, yesterday, with children who need and who get, from their dedicated workers, the love and care they need to grow and learn. A group of people I now have the utmost respect for; because I understand better. I don’t think I could do it on a daily basis. I was shattered after one day of special ed.

I almost decided not to post this because I felt it sounded a bit big-headed, as if, ‘aren’t I so good at this?’

But then I read this post. I understand where the thoughts are coming from and I agree with some of the matters pertaining to control being ousted from the hands of parents and teachers and children thereby feeling they can get away with just about anything. But then why not all children? Not all children act up or misbehave even though the same legislation governs all.

And I figured I disagreed strongly enough to want to share why I think children often act the way they do and how it can be overcome by very simple measures. I don’t have discipline problems with the many classes I take. These classes may have up to 33 children in them, the legal limit. And I put it down to giving and expecting respect. And walking that walk.


And so began another round,

Children lost and children found.

Those who try their best to please,

Those who want you on your knees.


And here lies where I do my best,

A daily sort of different test,

Where all who bring their many moods

Can be taught that good is good.


A mindful sort of joint respect

Expected, so you always get

A shift, a change in attitude,

A lifting of those many moods.


I love it when I have the chance

To encapsulate, in just one glance,

What is needed; I appraise.

Teaching has momentous days.


Another job I could not do,

So many different points of view,

But only one that’s worth its weight;

When love is shown they hesitate –


To bother with the nasty eyes,

The blaming culture, telling lies,

The arrogance that some may feel.

We get to basics, discover real.


And when you see the child within,

The innocence, the carefree grin,

Even those whose moods are black

Succumb to love and give it back.


Thirty years of doing this

I rarely shout or want to cuss

For children know, ‘cos they’re not blind,

That some there are who read their minds.


No hesitation if you feel

That here’s a job where, for real

You can make a difference if

You’re prepared to love and give


And, in return, (the pay’s not much),

The satisfaction’s such a buzz

When children know and find their way.

An enjoyable education day.

Your Strength

Your strength



Your words,

Your pain.

You go on.

You focus.

And go on.

Not lost










As much.



To be.

Just be.

So much



So much