Bell Rock Lighthouse

There stands a beacon where a bell proved weak,

Voice to the voyagers in luminous speak,

Identity unique by pulse precise,

Guidance given where the sea hides vice,

Ragged rock with a tidal view

Dwelt below the surface, steered untrue

Were the vessels in their passing, as they hoped to pass,

Made safe in the knowledge cast by coloured glass.

Fires on the hillsides, pillars by the ports,

Candle flames for safe escort,

Antiquity to modern, lighthouse gave

Synonymous, eponymous, strobes to save.


Put a little powder in the fuse for me,

Just a little, you understand, to make the fireworks pop,

A smidgen here and another tiny drop,

Colours bright in dark that we can see.


Fetch fuel from evidence lying all around,

Build bonfire high, useless effigies stacking on top,

Dead men breathing, walking, heartless zombies stop,

A plot where they’re all razed to the ground.


Give a little, take a little liberty,

Aurora’s fiery, crackliest backdrop,

Keep the fireworks burning on the heath’s hilltop,

Beacons guiding sans apology.