Constance moved by light of silver moonbeam,

Closed her eyes, face raised to the stars,

Danced a passion, wild, in throes abandoned

Paced her rhythm to a beat afar, 

Gave herself to sky and earth around her,

Hummed beneath her breath as on feet flew,

Elevated heartbeat kept the tempo

On heath and hills, in harmony, she grew,

Became the sky, the stars, the earth, the planets,

Became the dance, the heartbeat of the all,

Constance whirled and thundered voice at climax,

Believed the force around that to her called.

Constance fell and lay upon the summit,

The distance far below now too far gone,

She stilled the dance, the voice, exhausted, worn out,

Silenced heart attuned to severed song.

Thrummed the earth, a chorus deeply beating,

Constant in its whirling, in its turn,

Beat to beat the constant earth and Constance

Recommenced the dance and life went on.


May Music, Day 17 – Are you dancin’? Are you askin’?

Lots of songs make me want to dance. I dance a lot. There’s no helping it. The beat kinda reverberates and sets off a reaction in my shoulders and hips. Once that moment occurs there’s no stopping really. I think dancing is the most natural thing in the world.

Watch a babe that can’t even walk when dancing music begins to play. They react. Little nappied bottoms bouncing up and down, usually accompanied by squeals of delight. Even if they can’t yet speak they often try to sing along in a sort of musical baby gibberish. It’s wonderful to behold.

People are sometimes told that they can’t sing or dance. And ok, not everyone has the same abilities and talents in those spheres. But why should it stop anyone from enjoying something that once was such an elemental part of the person?

So, I’m dancing. No matter what. No one’s told me to sit down yet!

As for which song to choose for this seventeenth day of the twenty-five day music challenge….now of biblical proportions for me…

One that has stayed with me for the last few months and I play a lot for the sheer joy of dancing along is Imagine Dragons’ ‘I’m on top of the world’. I’ve posted it before. One of the other participants has already posted it for one of their days.

I’ve taken this song into several schools. Classes of children, regardless of age group, have whooped and skipped and jumped in gym halls. Along with me. That’s dancing with delight.

But, as a teacher, I spend a lot of my time repeating myself. Now and again, I like to rebel. So, I’m posting something that’s not a repetition. But I still love dancing to. Van Morrison, ‘Brown Eyed Girl’.

Now, this one has particular significance because it’s the only song I never have to drag hubby on to the floor for. Living room, dance hall, party…..picture slow jive.  Wait a minute…..I don’t have brown eyes!