Buddha Knows Best


waiting for first coat to dry

pegging out clothes on the line

ivory tint in ponytailed hair

clotted cream scones tasting fine


pen and a coffee at hand

doodling flowers in the sun

soda and lime and ink on a page

ecstatic that summer has come


music chosen by kids

buddha sat under tree

lotused repose in semi-closed eyes

replete and contented like me


windows of soul opened wide

faint breeze to filter on through

leaves of green gratitude canopies all

wishing the same for all you


May Wishes All Come True

May the world bestow you clothing

when your tree is leafless, bare

May you always have a flint for light

to guide from here to there

May hunger be assuaged for you

whatever be its form

And may love and friends be always true

their comfort ever borne

May you give to others gladly 

with a heart that’s open, full

May fairness, justice be your way

and mercy be the rule

May others give you gifts from life

may you do, in return

May wisdom be your seeing eye

and may we always learn

Wishes for myself I give

and share them here with you

May all I wish for me be yours

and may wishes all come true.

I sang this song at my eldest brother’s wedding many moons ago. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last. That’s life. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep right on trying though, eh? How wishes come true.