Piddle, Puddle, Sunshine

Piddle, puddle,

Drips and drops,

We fill the paddle pool.

Sunny haze

These holidays

Break the raining rule.

Beds all stripped,

And washing hung

The laundry line is full.

Thank you, God,

For Summer days

That please the wisest fool.


A burger roll,

A sausage too well-done.

Brown the meat

Now turn it round.

Well, burning’s half the fun.

Laughing kids

A happy mum

And a cheerful spouse

These golden moments

Are so rare.

Too often in the house.

Dear God, please,

If you please,

A really pretty please!

Send us more!

I’m begging you!

See me on my knees.

A mother’s work is never done

I sometimes

Scream and shout.

But when your glory

Is revealed in sun

Your love shines all about.

A smile for you

A smile for me

Our world is full of cheer.

And all because

You chose

To show

Summertime this year.


A Debt or Two

I owe a debt of gratitude to the following blogger. Image

Without her, I would be having a whole other summer experience.

By booking her summer holiday in a land of assured sunshine, she has inadvertently blessed the British Isles with what is currently promising to be (touch wood) a lovely summer.

Without her, I would not be able to hang outside the multitude of washing that is usually draped indoors.

Without her, I would not be able to replenish my seriously-depleted levels of Vitamin D. (I’m even taking high-dose tablets for that.)

Without her, I would be a pasty white colour instead of acquiring a golden glow.

Without the selfless measures of this woman, I would be unable to take my gang on a camping trip that was cancelled last year because of constant precipitation. (Yes, it pissed down for the whole summer.)

It is because of the generous act of this fellow blogger, and her adventures in sunnier climes, that our part of the globe is sizzling in sunshine, perspiring in puddles and feverish with fun.

I foolishly commented on her post that had I known that sending her off on a jet would have ensured clement weather, I would have paid for it myself.

I have already assured WI at    

that she will have a share in any lottery win once I convert Canadian dollars to real money. It would now appear that I am obliged, as per my word, to make a Euro or Irish punt calculation at the same time.

 I will gladly buy a winning lottery ticket, if anyone can lend me a pound, ‘cos all this sunshine is costing me a fortune in ice-creams and lollies.

But, I can live with that.

P.S. Could you give me exact dates of your holiday please, tric, so’s I know how much sun cream to stock up on?!