May Music, Day 23 – ********

I’ve seen more kids’ programmes than most.

With 7 seven kids, ranging in age from 25 to 7 and thirty years teaching under my belt, I’ve been to more pantos than I care to count and listened to every inane parody of pop songs the casts can come up with.

I’ve row, row’d my boat up and down so many streams my collection of lifebelts is legend.

‘The Singing Kettle’ burnt out my whistle till there was only a hiss left and a drizzle of enthusiasm at my base.

Barney, the big purple pestilence, has cavorted countless times on our TV, me simulating exhausted enjoyment equalling my kids’ earnest efforts while belting out, ‘I love you, You love me’, till the only thing I loved any more was the sound of silence.

I’ve been Ursula to my daughters’ ‘Little Mermaid’ scenarios and pretty much embraced every character designed to drive any parent to battyhood.

We still have numerous videos collected over the years and there is still one wee lass who likes to watch them.

I refuse to inflict any of those on myself, or anyone else, for this 23rd day of Twindaddy’s 25 day music challenge.

So, instead, why not have a listen to the Count from Sesame Street. Censored. He kinda looks and acts in this the way I feel when kids’ programmes and songs all get too much. I like to count the way he does. Sometimes I even count like this when I hear rap music or anything that sounds like, ‘in da house’.