Ringing The Changes

As anyone who reads this blog knows, my natural tendency in poetry is to rhyme. I can’t help it most times. It sort of pours out of me like the rain pours here in Scotland – mostly interminable with occasional bursts of sunshine to ring the changes.

Naturally, I’d love more sunshine but I’ve learned to love the downpours, the drizzle, the being dumped on from above. Hyperbole anyone? But I have learned to love the watery sunshine and the new growth that emerges so furiously after a deluge, the myriad shades of green and the promise of pastel relief.

Mostly I’ve learned to appreciate the sun when it does deign to chase the clouds away and then I’m like every other Scot enjoying the break from the seemingly incessant rain – get your kit off, harvest the rays and let the sun work its magic on pale skin.

We mushrooms might live in too much darkness, way too much moisture but we’re very tasty with a bit of square-sliced sausage and some bacon. Plain bread, brown sauce. Gawd, I’m starving! And we like to turn rotten into meaningful – slight political allusion there. 😉

Anyway, here’s my first Shadorma as far as I remember – mushrooms not being as noted for memory as taste and a slight hint of danger if not picked carefully!

I couldn’t resist a bit of free verse challenge too. Did I mention we Scots like a challenge on our plate?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  (  Shadorma Challenge – Passing Time )

In darkness

Or festooned by rain

Moisture mulched

Our springtime

Winters Byzantine’s fall

Mushrooms’ summer stance

Free Verse

Insouciant to Northern needs

Strange seasonal rhythm,

Clear skies belie what always gathers

To favour lush growth

And so the greens are very green

Of every hue

Weathered temples succumb to rot

As nature’s need to rejuvenate

Flushes and fuels, sprouting mushrooms,

Rich in resource, delicacies hardened and hardy,

Even in unnatural darkness

Bringing forth flavours

Building on the old.

Normal rhyming service will no doubt be restored because a new cloud burst always follows here. But, today, the sun is shining. Yay! Strip the veil and cast the spores! 😉


May Music, Day 22 – Keep It In The Family

Another of Twindaddy’s questions that’s got me somewhat flummoxed.

Everyone in this house sings. It’s difficult to ascertain just who they’re singing to sometimes. Or at. There are always guitars and songs on the go and not necessarily to anyone. Just music and voices coming from various rooms in the house. A real ongoing cacophony at times till everyone converges spontaneously and has a bit of a singsong. Not a regular thing. Just whenever it happens.

The last one who sang to me was my youngest, Anna. At seven, she’s unabashed at impromptu performances and sings wholeheartedly to anyone who’ll listen.

A couple of weeks ago she had a wee friend to stay overnight and the two appeared in my bedroom the following morning and asked if I would listen to their duet. Eyes still half-closed and propped up on multiple pillows while my first coffee of the day began to do its work, I couldn’t muster the words to tell them to get lost until I was fully awake.

By the time they were finished giving me their rendition of ‘Let It Go’, I was fully awake and applauding loudly. So they sang it again. And I’ve had it sung to me multiple times since. Sometimes even at my request. She’s quite charming in her sincerity and sweetness.

I was tempted to record her and post it but she’s not in and, if I did, there’s every chance that she would want to take over my blog. And that’s not happening. Much as I love her to pieces.

So instead I’m opting for a song that hubby and I sing and dance along with whenever it comes on. Twin brothers, Craig and Charlie Reid, otherwise known as The Proclaimers, have a distinctive sound in that they deliberately trained to retain their Scottish accent while singing. They’ve been going since 1983 but I’m not sure how well known they are around the globe.

This is one of my favourites of theirs. Maybe my crew should get their act together. ‘Life With You’.

May Music, Day 18 – Come away, come away….Tonto!

Thank gawd for an easy one.

I’m no classical music connoisseur. I have a collection of Yoga CD’s I sometimes use to fall asleep to. They don’t disturb hubby when I’m having a restless night.

This particular section isn’t actually on the collection but is one I’ve always loved from the days when the rousing tune was used as a theme for a the British TV series, ‘William Tell’.

From the time Tonto ran with The Lone Ranger.

From the day, many years later, when the brother of a good friend of mine played this, at extreme volume in his car, taking us away for the day from long term voluntary work for a jaunt to the seaside.

I must have been tripping on sweet release at the time because, as it played, I swear all the pedestrians were walking and talking in time to the music.

A little slice of something I don’t listen to very often but do love, as TD’s 18th question for the 25 days of music challenge.


Tomorrows Passing

Your talent and encouragement persuade me to have-a-go. Cubby, at http://reowr.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/no-one-else-a-quatern-and-challenge/#comment-7266 makes it all seem so easy, with clear guidelines and perfect example.


Haunted by tomorrows passing,

Streams of tears overflow today.

Love’s alluring kiss is missing,

Has been amiss for many days.


All hope is gone with silence spent,

Haunted by tomorrows passing,

Two hearts asunder, broken, rent,

Cast aside in moments wishing.


Day is lost to hopeless musing

And dreams of pleasured nights, we two

Haunted by tomorrows passing,

Alone, in mind, from one so true.


In spirit realm our souls abide,

Honest, forthright, gift of blessing.

Two, united, no longer hide

Haunted by tomorrows passing.