May Music Day 1- Music Filled My Ears

Twindaddy at Stuphblog issued a challenge. From the first of May and for twenty-five days to select a piece of music arising from twenty-five questions posed by him.

1st – a song from your childhood – this one made me quite sad. And happy.

Music filled my ears,

from sweetest voice

I ever heard; my mum.

Songs of love, beautifully surrendered

to family chores

with hugs and tunes by turn.


In simple grace

her words flowed

like a fountain,

sparkling life into the hearts of all

who heard an angel echo every morning,

 called to us to rise, the day begun.


No one heard her voice

without succumbing

to the heart of one who raised all spirits high,

by grace and goodness woven into music

we listened and we learned

from ballads’ sigh.


My father smiled whenever mum was singing,

some chosen for their love,

given free,

others for all children

and god’s pleasure.

And one tune, especially, sung for me.


It followed me through life

when, as requested, I learned

to voice god’s talents handed on,

when dad would ask for my rendition

of the one

all family members called, ‘my song’.


I hear it still from time to time in passing,

I sing along and

memories flood my mind,

of childhood days and melodies imbibed then

from two, whose love

 knew how to warm and bind.


They’re gone now, from this world of lovers,


after many years apart.

I hear them still in music I hold dearest,

still, after all this time,

they fill my heart.

Music Questions

So, it’s Friday. And in the glorious bygone days of my youth I would have come home from school, showered, glammed up and gone out. Easy peasy. Now? Now I want to. Somewhere in the dim recesses of my mind. But that’s not what happens. I have long since resigned myself to the fact that I am shattered on a Friday. A bit of blogging, a couple of glasses of something (or three) and I’m fit only for bed. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. OK, I wasn’t mighty but I was game. Now not so much so.

So, thanks to Steve, I have a lovely wee pastime on a Friday and it suits me down to the ground. With a slight problem.

Suits me because I get to shuffle my I-Pod and rediscover what’s actually on it. Bearing in mind that not all the songs are mine. Daughter downloaded loads in the beginning when I was learning the ropes.

Problem. I start looking for links on You Tube. And I get carried away. Tonight being a case in point.

1st question:- If I was sucked into a jukebox and turned into a song then the song would be…?   

I Wanna Grow Old With You, DJ Limmer

Don’t we all? I like this even although it sounds like Pinky and Perky. You know Pinky and Perky? Black and white kids’ programme from the days when most TV was in black in white. You know, my childhood. Can feel a post coming on here.

2nd question:- If I was sucked into a television then my tv show would be about…?

Bittersweet Symphony, The Verve

Sounds about right.

3rd question:- If I was sucked into a movie theater screen then my movie would be about…?

Twist And Shout, The Isley Brothers

Slight cheat here as I like this Bruce Springsteen version.

Which then got me to remembering how I first came across The Boss. I was in a pub in Glasgow, The Corn Exchange, across from Central Station with my then boyfriend and this video came on. Yeah, we had progressed from black and white crap to colourful music videos! Amazing. And the camera panned up Bruce’s legs, the beat began and I was riveted. Entranced for the full time. I think I fell in love slightly. 😉 Bear that in mind, Rene, when you’re fixing me up with Hugh. Anyway, it obviously didn’t put the boyfriend off. I married him three years later.

Still love this song. Wonder if Courtney Cox being there was a put up job or if that’s how she was discovered?

Ahhh, those were the days! Not Pink and Perky! Don’t be dense. Who the hell wants to watch Pinky and Perky? I mean Bruce and my youth. *sigh*