Sipping Your Health

I’ll drink your health in coffee at the sunrise

While Nature paints with streaks of grey and blue

Shades of light appearing from the night skies

Rest and sip and think of all to do.

Slowly, as the dawn trails, fingers skyline,

Dabbing daylight daubs, alerting birds,

Listen, think and sip and feeling quite fine,

Silent plans in head, unspoken words.

Reflected glow in windows as the sun wakes,

Bright without and brighter here within,

Sip and think and write and bid your health at daybreak

Good morning, world, a brand new day begins.


Her Sweet Allure

She strolls in, chasing good intentions far and wide,

Crooks her little finger, moues a kiss,

Winks suggestion that she might be kidding,

Creates a space no other fits inside.



Allure is seeping from her very nail tips,

Those around will pander when she pouts,

Feline eyes of green, lithsome swagger,

She commands her right, her courtiers dip.



Sashays forward, inch by inch, and wiggles,

Knows full well effect she has on all,

Swooning voyeurs salivate, she works it

Round resisters saunters, stifling giggles.



For me, complexion is a milky brown tone,

Preferably with black in train, the two,

Combination perfect, my Temptation,

Irresistible, don’t know about you.


Blueberry Day

Funny sort of day today,

children gone swimming,


so quiet.

Filter’d light day today,

silent ticking,

deep breathing,


Sort of snooze day today,

kinda drowzy,

turn over,


Caffeine waft day today,

sip slowly,

no pressure,

no hurry.

Snuggle up day today,

book reading,


…with muffins,

blueberry fruit sort of day,



and sigh.

Flavoursome Friend

Bliss time again,

First coffee!

Gawd, I love it so much!

Nowhere to be on a Sunday morn,

So reading

And a mug of my crutch


To pep up the day before it begins,

All snuggled and sipping in time

To words that I read and some that I write,

A pleasure so simple but fine.


Prep for some comments!

I’m ready to roll

In and out of my favourite blogs.

All calm in here,

Though grey outside,

The weather has gone to the dogs.


Thunder and lightening

Accompanied my dreams,

Flashed in at my window pane,

I woke through the night

With sadness, no fright,

But a heart aching with pain.


All better now, dreams are so strange,

Especially when I can’t recall

What passed through my mind as I lay sleeping.

Maybe that’s wiser for all.


Though heavy the skies,

My heart is renewed

With a cup of the freshest of brew

And time to peruse,

Chat with my muse

And catch up on all of the news.


So cheers little coffee bean!

My days wouldn’t start

Quite so well

If your scent and your flavour

Did not endeavour

To rouse me. It would all go to hell.


Mornings spent trying to awaken.

Giving my old body a shaking,

But no need for that, cos you’re right on hand.

Yes, you my coffee, are grand!