Soul Connections

Across the distance,


Transmits a message,

Only we,

Tied to other

As a twin,

May understand

And therefore win

The knowing that

No words need speak,

For souls communicate

And seek.

Then distance

Falls apart when one

Lifts the phone

And tells the sum

Total of

What they have heard.

The message relayed

Without a word.

My friendships

Know this strange connection.

Spirits speak,

No greater affection.

Ease The Pain

Will my loving ease your pain? Do you need?

Does what I say make a difference? Will it feed?

Can anything matter if you ache?

I weep at hurts. For you I’ll take

The pain. Believing that it helps for you to know

That someone, I, care and want to show

Compassion and a willing open heart.

If it helps, pour it out, then restart

To find a better place, a loving state to be.

I’ll hold you in my arms and set you free.

I only promise love. That’s all I have.

More than I need, so let me give.

If anything is troubling, share it out,

Spread it wide and rest your mind from doubt.

There’s a world of love awaiting if you seek.

Don’t be afraid, alone. Trust and speak.

Rhubarb, Apple, Humble


Not my favourite type of pie. I much prefer rhubarb

With a touch of ginger. Tart but warming.

Or apple, sprinkled with cinnamon. Sweet but spicy.


Humble pie is bitter, sour tasting.

No matter what flavour it is topped with.


I swallow it with dread. And it goes over in lumps,

Choking on the way down.

But, once consumed,

It tastes sweeter, more full of flavour

Than any other.

For it means I had to say,

‘I’m sorry. I was wrong.’

As tough as that is to do, as hard as the crust may be-

It cuts at the throat –

To move on, it is necessary.


No matter what pie you love,

Swallowing pride,

Revealing inside,

Alters taste

And relationships.


He’ll ponder,

She’ll reflect,

They’ll wonder,

May inspect

Lost moments

Of neglect.

Words used


Time passing

Will respect,


Can deflect,


Must reject,


Now abject.

New beginnings

We expect,

Renewed life

Takes effect,




Greeting unexpected,


Smile a loud hello.

Then quickly recollect this one

Was from,

Oh, so long ago.


A different time, another life

When youth

Bound both together.

When talking never

Felt so strange,

We could chat about whatever.


Then something changed,

Indelibly imprinted,

Conversations to recall,

Remembrances of later days

Compared to when, no

Silence found at all.


Time. It changes everything.

Where once laughter

Fuelled our words,

Moments pass unnoticed,

Now smiling

Seems absurd.


No joy in happy memories

When awkward

Is about,

Tiptoeing thru’ thorn’d hedges,

Manic hilarity

Wants to shout


At loss of what was

So freely sought

And more than freely given,

Tongue-tied now

Creates, for some,

A hellish kind of heaven.


A purgatory of great unknowing.

Can road be traversed

Once again?

Or does what is past

Remain there dead, undead,

No more giving, no more given?


Some friends have gone

And lovers too,

Spouses, all those chosen,

When discomfiture steals

The heat from all, leaves

Hearts stiff and almost frozen.


Lapsed, neglected


From distant long ago,

Or stagnant pools of


Presented now may show


A failing sense of interaction,


Gone astray.



Relationships end this way.


Open windows, open doors,


And so aerate.

Open hearts  and open minds

Help to keep

All attachments great.


Video reading  Awkward

The Common Enemy

….destruction came then…

heaving earth and

cataclysmic forces


each conspiring

to outdo the other

for supremacy.

sides had to be taken.

choices to be made.

nations rent apart

as logic and reason,

political treason,

pulled against emotion,

desire and devotion.




Common sense





And, united,

They defeated

The common enemy.




Overcome by love,


And great common sense.

What’s Really Going On

Circadian rhythm knocked askew,

4a.m. becomes the new

Time to rhyme

And coffee time.

What’s really going on?


It’s either that, or awake till then,

Scribbling frantically, pad and pen,

Drinking tea,

Good company.

What’s really going on?


I’m thinking, maybe, WordPress here

Has cranked my thinking up a gear.

Lots of stimulation and


Is that what’s going on?


Not complaining, no not me.

I’m finding this incredibly freeing,

Liberating, contemplating, speculating, meditating, considering, deliberating,

Pondering the thoughts of others.

I think that’s what’s going on.


Spirit welcoming all thoughts,

Voices heard from all world spots,

Sharing out across the globe,

Like disco lights and flashing strobe,


Sporadic blinking, constant thinking, distant eyes unseen though twinkling,

Showing me a touch of soul, communicating from the whole

World point view with nothing amiss,

I blow to you ae fond kiss.

Yup, that’s what’s going on.