Listening To The Kiss

Gap no bigger than a purse of lips

Emits its pouted frequency

Kiss from synchronicity

And sighs

Hole as deep as worlds dug

From long distanced chaos

Erupts to terminal velocity

Steady tears from beyond


Wired to the world

Charging partnership

Love letters and memos

Scented and sent


Escalating frequency



Quietens to listen

Responses aggravated

Agitated acuity observed


Begins again

Is there anyone there, it breathes,

Who is listening

To the kiss

From appellate skies


Blown Away

Awestruck at the wonder of creation,

Cosmic power inherent in the gas,

Range of teeming life from evolution,

Big history depicted by deGrasse.

I’m watching and I’m filled wth admiration,

My mind bown out of shape by all I hear,

My soul expanding, replicating universe,

Birthed from dust, the ashes of a star,

Blown upon by breath, behold the heavens,

Sculpted by the hand of something grand,

Evolved in seconds of the cosmic calendar,

Like creation story, biblical by man.

The wonder is we wonder and still flounder,

Fighting for a smidgen of the teeniest of tiniest of parts,

Makes me think we’re stupid, don’t deserve it,

Till we live the wonder present in our hearts.

One glass in hand, my feet put up and gazing,

Not at heavens but at man – mere Man – unfolding all my dreams,

Bliss upon a Friday – and all days –

Lost among the stars where nothing’s as it seems.



If The Cosmos Spoke…

You shall not take the world and all its wonders

And pack them into boxes for display,

Charging entrance fee as if you own it,

Global feudal masters of the day.

You shall not house my children in your ghettoes,

Vaunt your wealth, exacting servitude,

Domineering cultures as your fiefdom,

Simple things are seen as bad and good.

You shall not pose as masters of the universe,

A blip you are, a cosmic dot in time,

Ignoring all spiritual iterations,

Marking what is ours as yours or mine.

You shall not kill the planet with your fighting,

Polluting light of day with endless night,

Cultivating chaos to the order

Ordained when starbust made all chaos right.

You shall not conquer life with fear and favour,

Declarations cruel or dissident,

Holding back evolving plan and aspect,

Plans there are but none of this intent.

You shall not pass, these boundaries are secluded,

Enshrouded in the stars of galaxies,

Wormed parallels forever life engendered,

Your arrogance anathema to me.

You shall be bound by all your acts, inactions,

Held account when futures come to pass,

‘Trespassers will be prosecuted’.

Note these words, they may well be your last.

Turn again to light, my beams command it,

The source of all you are, you foolish tribe,

Indistinct from dinosaurs, all hist’ry,

Begotten from the light that dwells inside.

Woe to you, this covenant, it falters,

Rainbow cast is fading fast upon

The darkness that engulfs before the herald

Of another life, another age that dawns.



Go quietly now,


on ancient hill,

oaken spear

by side,

duality still.


Go gently now,

God and man


temple to


fruits of Sabine.


Go wisely now,

from state

to ruin,

once seven hills

from lupine



Seek counsel now,



no mastery,

twinned stars

guide nations.


Go bravely now,

new knowledge


with hope we sow

wonders from

godly hands.

We Come

We don’t come to bring you down.

You do that to yourselves.

Travellers here from far-off lands,

Others follow,

There are plans


You’ll never know.

We won’t tell all

Till passing time reveals.

The nature of our purpose here

Travel, space conceals.


Treasures hidden in the stars


Vacuum, space.

No, we don’t come to bring you down.

You do that as a race.


We don’t settle once we come.

Ephemeral passing,

Little here to seek.

We, as voyeurs, write the heavens.

Chaos and cosmos speak.


We don’t bring censure,


That’s not for us to try.

Mere observations for firmament’s

Unfolding, endless sky.