Discovery’s Story

Hidden in stars, empty of light,

Lie souls of confusion lost in the night,

Seeking the gravity known from before,

Pulled down to earth in tumultuous roar.


Defying all reason but natural law

Looking for treasures to gather and store,

Taken from heavens and brought down to earth,

Finding the answers known well at birth.


Eons of lifetimes on planetary plain

Releases all lessons once more and again

Begins to establish a stellarly heart,

Before dying to self, begin anew, start.


Hidden again but in star burning bright

Illumines all darkness, casts shadows of light.

Discovery’s story from inside a star

Reborn to light from galaxy afar.


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Heavenly Light

Bring me no flowers,

Cry me no tears,

Think back, instead,

On all of those years

Of laughing and growing

And crying as well.

Remember those moments,

Your children to tell.


For life is a circle

That goes on and round,

Up here in my heaven,

Down there on your ground.

The illusion of death

Is all but just that.

People all thought the world

Was once flat.


The light permeates,

All atomic states,

I’m one with you still,

Your heaven awaits.

Fear not a devil,

Or some fiery hell,

God’s presence is luminous

And all hearts do swell.


I’m soaring as one in the presence of light,

The idea of hell is but unending night,

An absence of awe in glorious rays,

Interminable darkness for unending days.

Draw near the source, you know this, of course,

But a reminder is all to the good.

Bask in His wonder, proclaim it asunder,

For light to the soul is our food.