Different Dreams

I haven’t a clue where this appeared from but, driving home from Yoga class, I started singing the first few lines of this and it sort of finished itself after dinner. With a melody that you’ll just have to imagine. 🙂

It’s a diff’rent time,

Dreamin’ in my mind,

Images of you near, my dear

In another time.

It’s a diff’rent way

To make it through the day,

Whiling time in dreams of you

In another way.

It’s a different place,

Visions of your face,

Captured on the screen of mind

In another place.

It’s a diff’rent life,

Dreams, they must suffice,

Night times end too soon for me

In the other life.

It’s the strangest dream,

Nothing what it seems

In the waking hours all spent

Waiting for the dream.

It’s another way

To travel through the day,

Closing eyes to dream of you

By night and endless day.

It’s a special time,

Stolen in my mind,

Dreams of diff’rent landscapes

In another place and time.