A Special Knowing



Some sounds cannot communicate,

Frustration writ upon her face,

One in class of only eight.

Disability, no disgrace.


His features formed in such a way,

Some may shun, avoid,

But hugs and cuddles and to play

Wants this gorgeous little boy.


Others too, though less severe,

Outwith my thirty years.

One day spent with angels who

Reduced my heart to tears.


They taught me more compassion

In the hours I spent with them.

For me, a timely lesson

In a different sort of pain.


A superior sort of knowing

In singular children who

Require some special teaching.

All involved, so extraordinary. And I bow to you.


A hug to heal,

A kiss to soothe

A wounded knee,

A tiny bruise.

Little hands

And arms so small

Seeking cuddles,

Love’s purest call.

Arms envelop

Showing love

Attention given,

Caress of dove –


And chaste display

Comfort, cherish,

Make my day.

Life’s little hurts

And big ones too

Assuaged by my arms

Holding you

And you hold me

In tender clutch

Young and old

Can give so much

From arms’ encircling,

Blameless revelation,

Hug each other,

Love’s demonstration.


Inspired by http://mysoresoul.co.uk/  from a comment made in a post on https://scottishmomus.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/too-shy/