On The Case



Will you please send it back if you find it,

I don’t know where it’s gone but I suspect,

And Cluedo-like I’m searching in distinct rooms,

Miss Marples on the case to it detect.

I thought I might have left it in the kitchen,

I leave a lot of loving there in pots,

Utensils all at hand, they proved quite useless,

One trace of it, there simply, though deliciously, was not.

I moved through hall, stairs hidden, into games room,

Checking in all pockets on the way,

Found some bits of value but all wrong shaped

And no one who was playing there could say,

Too busy with controllers and fast action,

I wouldn’t leave it there so I just left,

Into lounge and dining via study,

My hopeful start was growing more bereft.

A flash of inspiration, to the ballroom,

I love to dance so chance was on my side,

Huge but empty, not a tick to guide me,

I turned around and French doors flung them wide

To glass house where a million hearts were beating,

Rhythmic to the tune of silent stir,

Under leaves, in soil, I checked the gamut,

Even looked in books in library there.

I wandered on outside because, frustrating,

Where could it be and why oh, had it gone

Then I caught the scent of you upon homecoming,

I expect you took it with you at first dawn.

So close the board and off the case, detectives,

Suspect is a rogue that cannot guess

How many times I’ve feared my heart was missing

Then remembered just in time that it was blessed.

But, if seeking lacking is your secret hobby,

I have another case that you can pinch,

Someone stole two marks from metric measure,

Imperially, I am shorter by near inch.

Now, there’s a case that gives me cause for concern,

If hearts get lost and inches dwindle fast

I’ll disappear and then you’ll have to find me,

Like hide and seek with magnifying glass!