Only Midnight


midnight blue can hold the whispers

uncensor silence blown

on starry shore


midnight voice

refrains the verses

on mingled breath, holds promises of more


midnight dreams, suppressed in passive

subdued, receptive to the

midnight clock


in the midnight

witching hours, can magic

weave its spell, two hearts unlock


witches sing

their midnight chorus

plying charms in uplit cloudy night


on the midnight

brooms, flight enchanted ,

do dreams and spells converge in dead of night.


heed to

 midnight’s incantations,

enraptured time, all eras decree so


pass this way

if in your dreaming

dart of loving hex you need to throw


Flight Of Fancy

Hold my hand in yours, I pray

And lead.

Take a journey, two as one,

I plead.

Risk route of peril,

Passengers are we,

Driven on by

Flights of fantasy.

Jeopardy in all

Life’s daily trials,

Menace, threats,

Danger fuels the miles.

No gamble leads to no




Flying carpet

Weaves a pleasured passage,

Riotous ride

On gilded comfort carriage.

Crossing skies in cloudless

Endless night.

Stars sail by,

New moon reflects delight.

Sparkling eyes reveal

A gloried heaven

Lovers’ kiss received with delectation

And so given.

Ventures always

Vie with failure’s chance,

Staking nothing

Regrets the backward glance.

Fanciful, this graceful

Flying pleasure,

Imagination stores in chest

All hidden treasure.

Casting coins of custom

Far below,

Pearls and diamonds

Cascade, anarchic flow.

Reach out your hand

And grasp the reins of magic,

Hand clasped in mine,

No voyage lost to tragic.

All dreams, caprices,

Fancies do abide

Enchanted castles scaled

With you here at my side.