No Shield

Another wee shot at a Shakespearean sonnet. Well, we can but try even if we’ll never emulate. 😉


Who wears the chain mail gathered at the breast?

Who worries at the hurt ardour may cause?

Encasing heart within at such request,

Faint love, indemnified with bartered clause.

No shield protection guarantees the soul.

Why welcome icy tendrils to encase?

Each injury a lesson once foretold;

Enmeshed, the beating one, cold fingers lace.

Reveal in naked splendour all you are,

A wondrous sight for weary eyes, behold!

In heaven shining, morning glory’s star.

Risk all for love, no armoury, be bold!

Seek only purest love and Eros’ dart.

Begin again; let shackles fall apart.


How Many Loves In A Lifetime?

There are those loved and lost to experience in the earliest days of youth,

Innocence seeking acceptance, failing, uncovering truth.

There are those for whom love is constant; family and friends, ongoing still,

Known forever, through thick and thin, warming the deepest of chills.


There are those met in passing on life’s journeying path who’ve taught a lesson profound

Moved on with their lives with a hug and a kiss; not forgotten but no longer around.

There are those of whom we’ve mistaken, not everyone so worldly wise,

Whose love the price is forsaken, love distorted, despised.


There are those in the world unknown, anonymous faces abound

But loved, nonetheless, in brotherhood. Love making the globe spin around.

There are those whose deepest convictions distrust the notion so pure

That love may be felt in many different ways. Love, only love, will endure.


There are those on whom love seems pointless, poured out, received, then wasted

Those for whom love is a bittersweet pill, not understanding how love should be tasted.

There are those whose trials in life dissuade any sense of true giving

Afraid to love and be loved in return, afraid it seems of real living.


There is eros, agape, philia, storge, so many loves to express,

A spiritual journey and physical; love experienced no less.

There are those for whom love’s a story, an expression of sweetest accord,

Enjoyed, vicariously, in leisurely pursuit without ever saying a word.


There are those for whom love is tarnished, all hope now a season of doubt,

Shivering sadly in hermit-like cave, not knowing what life’s all about.

Love, the varieties so wondrous, unendingly hurtful, of course

But full of all life’s potential when springing from life-giving source.


There are those for whom love’s confusing, testing the mettle of many,

A contradiction of love in its essence; love that springs always aplenty.

A fountain of love unending, giving, receiving in need,

There for all if willing to know, to absorb, the world to feed.


Love is the great contradiction with lessons for all us to learn,

No love ever given or received is lost; we all must love in our turn.

How many loves in a lifetime? Only one, the answer is true.

All love springs from source eternal. That’s all that love has to do.


Wick splutters, casts light,

Shimmers on limbs,


Candle flaring, revealing

Eros’ dart fired,

Simmered glances.


Wax drips, time ticks


Under covers.

Melting forgives,

Flame lives

For lovers.


Kindled fire,

Taper spent,

Blaze extinguished.

Glow remains,


Love distinguished.